Wireless B&W Indoor Flood Light Camera

The SVS-2 Wireless Indoor Flood Light Camera is as easy to install as replacing a light bulb. You can set this black/white camera up in any light fixture in your home or business without the hassle of installing cables in ceilings or walls. Just install this camera into a wall or ceiling light fixture, plug the decoder into an AC outlet and connect to a TV or VCR, and you have an instant video picture. The SVS-2 camera is totally portable so it can be moved from building to building or even among different light fixtures in the same building. The video signal is transmitted on the building’s electrical wiring to any AC outlet up to 2000 feet away. There are no wires to install, no holes to drill and no complex tuning is required. This system comes complete with the flood light camera, decoder, RCA cables and instructions. Please note that only one camera can be supported per decoder and that this camera does not function as a working light bulb.


  • One B&W indoor flood light camera
  • Decoder
  • RCA cables
  • Easy installation just like installing a light bulb
  • Black-and-white CCD camera with digital sensor
  • 420 TV lines resolution and 85-degree wide angle view
  • Completely portable; move between light fixtures or buildings
  • Built-in IR illuminators to aid in night (low light) viewing

  • Robosapien V2
  • Camera PSU and Cable Kit
  • Universal Wall Mounting Bracket for Monitor Mounts
  • 8mm 2-Way Video Tape Rewinder
  • scandisk memory, dvr accessories, tapes, hard drives
  • Color Weatherproof IR Camera
  • Color DSP C-Mount Camera
  • USB Business Comm
  • 15 inch LCD Monitor with Built-in TV Tuner
  • Weatherproof Color Video Camera with Bracket
  • Manual Iris 25 mm Lens
  • Security Camera Product