Wireless 1.2 GHZ Calculator Color Camera
Here's a great camera for anyone in need of a portable wireless camera. Perfect for office use or anyone that needs an easily portable camera where using a body-worn recorder isn't an option--this wireless camera will transmit a wireless video signal on the 1.2GHz band up to 1500 feet.

It is the user's responsiblity to obtain proper FCC licensing prior to use of 1.2GHz wireless equipment.

The transmitter and camera are powered by an everyday 9v battery and will last up to 4 hours. There is even a power switch built into the camera/transmitter housing to conserve battery power when not in use

Video travels hundreds of feet through walls, floors, ceilings, etc

1500 foot line of sight range (unobstructed)

High resolution CCD chip technology to produce an amazing 470 lines of resolution for crystal clear color images sharper than most camcorders

The complete camera kit includeds: One (1) CCD color camera and 1.2GHz transmitter housed inside of a calculator; One (1) 1.2GHz receiver, power supply, and connecting cables.

Record easily to any VCR, or check out our digital video systems and PC computer cards to record digitally.

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