Wired Camera Systems FAQ

Should I use wireless or wired camera system?

  • Wired cameras are optimal for permanent installation of security cameras. Great care should be taken to determine the positioning of the camera because moving its location can be very difficult.

  • Wireless cameras can be used for either permanent or temporary installations. You can move the camera easily to a different location when needed without the need to run wires between the camera and recorder.

    Can wireless cameras be used with wired cameras?
    Yes. Wireless cameras can be used in any security system that uses wired cameras. For example, you could use 12 wired and 4 wireless cameras together and record them all on a single VCR with a 16 channel quad splitter.

    Can a wired camera be converted to a wireless system?
    Yes. We offer separate transmitters and receivers that are designed to connect easily to any video camera so you can get rid of the wires in your current system.

    Can a system run on battery power?
    Yes. We offer 2 different sizes of rechargeable battery packs and chargers that can power our wireless cameras. They supply power to a typical wireless camera for 4-8 hours before they need recharging.

    What other equipment do I need?
    Our video camera systems come complete with everything you need to send the video and signal. To view the live signal, just hook the camera to any TV. To record the live signal, connect the camera to any VCR.

    What other equipment can I use?
    Our wired camera systems are compatible with most TVs and VCRs. Or, connect them to time lapse VCRs that can record for days, weeks or even months on a single tape, or to security grade monitors that are capable of displaying the high resolution images the cameras deliver.
    The standard RCA video outputs let you connect the system to a host of other equipment to enhance your system's performance:

  • Quad splitters

  • Video motion detectors

  • PVPON live Internet video system

  • Computers with video inputs