Wired Camera Instructions

Viewing live on your TV
Connecting the Camera to your VCR
1. Connect your VCR to you TV as usual.
2. Find the Yellow jack marked Video Input on your VCR.
3. Connect the Video Output on the Camera to the
Video Input on the VCR.
5. Connect Power Cord and plug into wall. .

Viewing live on your TV
1. Make sure VCR is set correctly first.
2. Turn your TV to channel 3 (most cases), or the video input if hooked through the RCA jacks.

Recording with your VCR
1. It is critical that you switch to your VCR's aux input so that you record the image from the camera and not a TV show.
2. Some VCR's have a button on the remote, others use the on-screen menu, or it could be a switch on the front panel.
3. Check the image on your TV. If you are only recording, you may remove the TV once you are satisfied with the picture.
4. Insert a tape, choose the record speed, andpress record.


PalmVid Wired Cameras connect directly to the RCA video connections on any TV, VCR, Computer, or any other source that has video and audio inputs (usually yellow for video, red and white for audio). Make sure your recording device has Video and Audio INPUTS and that you are connected to them, not the outputs.

You must change the VCR or TV to it's video input to record or view the picture from the camera, this is usually done from the remote control and is labeled input, aux, video, or sometimes there is no button and you can find the Video input as a channel (if this is the case, then usually if you turn the VCR to channel 2 and hit channel down on your remote)