Window Cop - portable wireless home security
There's no need to keep your windows closed and locked tight any longer! Finally, there's home security that lets you open your windows and enjoy the fresh air while it protects your home from the toughest intruders with an ear-piercing alarm. It's called the Window Cop, and it's so easy to use?no tools are necessary!

Protect your home and valuables?and more importantly, your loved ones?with a system that deters an intruder from setting foot inside your home. And all at an affordable cost!

This is a deterrent to keep small children from falling out of second story windows (and higher). Although Window Cop is too narrow for anyone to slip through without triggering the alarm, we always recommend adult supervision.


Unlike other conventional methods used to secure windows, the durable steel retractable frame adjusts to fit 21"-32" double hung windows. Just lower your window to compress Window Cop's tamper-resistant, hair-trigger window sensors. Installation and programming are as easy as 1-2-3, and it's red indicator light lets you know Window Cop is armed and ready. Yet it looks and functions like a regular screen!

Benefits of purchasing Window Cop

? security against home intruders
? affordable
? saves on energy cost (9V battery)
? deters against children falling out of windows
? ease of installation and activation
? easily removable for use in any room
? quality product that lasts for years
? your investment moves with you

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