Wi-Fi For Home Security

Ten O'Clock Tech
Arik Hesseldahl ,08.13.03, 10:00 AM ET
NEW YORK - If you've resisted the siren's call to install your own
wireless home network using Wi-Fi, the call is starting to get more
difficult to resist all the time.
Sure, it's easy and it adds convenience for making broadband Internet
access readily available all over your home. And when you have a
notebook with a Wi-Fi card or with integrated Wi-Fi support, there's
an ever-growing number of Wi-Fi hotspots that make remote Web access a
But if roaming around the house with a Web-ready untethered notebook
isn't enough to get you interested in Wi-Fi, perhaps home or office
security will. In the last few months the latest twist on the Wi-Fi
phenomenon has been a combination of Web conferencing and security.
Remember the Web cam? It's gone Wi-Fi, and it has a new
security-oriented mission.
D-Link , the privately held home-networking concern, earlier this year
announced the DCS-2100, which it's billing as a security camera.  It
connects dily to Wi-Fi networks anywhere the network's signal can
reach, taking pictures that are easily viewable from a Web browser
http://www.forbes.com/2003/08/ 13/cx_ah_0813tentech.html

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