Who is watching your house while you are away for the holidays?
The holidays will soon be in full swing. The children will soon be out of school. As you pack the family minivan, and pull out of the driveway, are you worried about who is watching your house while you are gone? Will the house sitter have parties while you are away? Will the light timers convince someone that you are home?

Home Technologies Corporation (HTC), the tristate?s premier provider of ?Smart Home? systems and technology devices for the home, can install a ?smart home? system that would allow you to monitor and control your home from anywhere in the world over a secure Internet connection. If you don?t want to worry about controlling your home while you are gone, you can automate features to function without your control. You can even be notified of alerts or specific events.

?This is not just another security system. While at home, HTC?s System 7000 can provide a tremendous amount of safety, security, entertainment and peace of mind. While traveling for the holidays, vacation or business, the system can really put you at ease by allowing you to automate, monitor and control your home,? says Tim Gleim, Director of Marketing. ?The System 7000 takes care of your home so you don?t have to worry.?

If there is a security alert or someone enters the driveway at night, the system will send you an email alert. Video surveillance will switch to the indicated zone and begin recording. Lights will turn on and off according to the time of day, or the level of light. Blinds will open in the morning and close in the bright afternoon sun, or at bedtime. If a pipe breaks in your basement, the system can detect the presence of water and shut of the water to your house to minimize damage. An email alert can be sent to you so you can take the appropriate action. The system could even control interior and exterior holiday lights.

Additionally, you can remotely monitor and control your home. ?You can see the status of your security, and view live surveillance video. You can adjust the thermostat, check to see if you left the oven on or the Christmas tree lights plugged-in, and be alerted if someone is ?borrowing? your hot tub. You can throw away the number to your house sitter, the System 7000 is all you need.?

Visit Home Technologies? showroom at 8760 Union Centre Blvd. in West Chester. Featuring a ?smart home? built inside the showroom; one can get a sense of how it feels to live with the system. You can even try it for yourself. ?The system is designed specifically for the customer?s lifestyle, and it is completely scalable. This allows the system to grow and change with the customer?s needs,? says Gleim. ?Devices start as low as $400.00.?

Home Technologies Corporation is a locally owned and operated company. For more information, call 513.645.4203 or visit www.htchometech.com.

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