West Penn 2806B Siamese CCTV Combination Cable
padWest Penn 2806B Siamese CCTV<br>Combination Cable

Spool size 1000 ft.

? Siamese type configuration with separation web
? RG-6/U Type coax plus one pair 16 AWG stranded
? (Coax) solid bare copper conductor 18 AWG
? Gas injected polyethylene coaxial core Nom. OD .180 inch (3.61 mm) with an aluminum polyester tape barrier
? Bare copper braid shield 95% coverage
? Unshielded 16 AWG twisted pair employing PVC insulation and PVC fillers
? Overall PVC jacket Nom. OD .280 x .580" (7.11 x 14.73 mm)

Indoor cable (non-conduit per NEC) for:

Rating as per NEC:
? UL listed NEC type CM as defined in Article 800
? C(UL)+ listed CMH
? Constructed in accordance with UL Standard 444
? Listed as being resistant to the spread of fire as defined in Section 800 of the National Electric Code.

Installation Characteristics:
? Minimum Bend Radius: 2.5"
? Maximum Pulling Tension: 45 lbs.

Color Code:
Conductors: 1. Black, 2. Red
Jacket Color: Black

Special Notes: +C(UL) CMH Canadian UL accepted mark replaces PCC-FT1 Rev. 1. 1/2000

Electrical Characteristics:
? Nominal capacitance: 16.2 pf/ft 53.1 pf/m*
? Vel. of Prop.: 82%
? Nominal Impedance: 75Ω
? 20 AWG Nom. D.C.R. @ 20?C: 10.1Ω/1000 ft.
? 18 AWG Nom. D.C.R. @ 20?C: 6.6Ω/1000 ft. *Capacitance between conductors.

CAUTION: Dry locations only. The electronic characteristics of this cable may change due to excessive tension, crushing, and application of pulling compounds during installation.

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