Web-Structures, Inc. Announces the Release of iKeepsake Version 2.0, Your Personal Online Photo and Video Management Solution


Web-Structures, Inc. today announced the release of version 2.0 of iKeepsake, a Web-enabled technology that allows users to easily store and manage all of their digital photos, videos, and other multimedia resources.

Apex, North Carolina C February 10, 2003 C Web-Structures, Inc. today announced the release of version 2.0 of iKeepsake, a Web-enabled technology that allows users to easily store and manage all of their digital photos, videos, and other multimedia keepsakes. Are you in need of a Web-enabled photo album that allows you to share your digital media with friends and family? Do you want to control the access to your Web-hosted keepsakes, ensuring that only those with appropriate permissions can view the contents? If you answered yes to these questions, then iKeepsake 2.0 is your passport to an easy-to-use, versatile, secure, and highly customizable multimedia manager.

iKeepsake 2.0 is a one-stop shop for your entire personal online photo and video keepsake management needs. With iKeepsake, you will have access to the latest and greatest Web-enablement technologies that allow you to easily store and manage all of your digital photos, videos, and other multimedia resources. iKeepsake allows you to upload, store, categorize, print, e-mail, and share various digital media types, all from a Web browser and the comforts of your own home. With iKeepsake, you now you have the ability to manage your digital photos and videos online, without having to deal with annoying fees or advertising gimmicks.

You have the option to either install iKeepsake on your personal Web server at home, install iKeepsake on a hosting company's Web server, or access iKeepsake from an online Application Service Provider (ASP) hosting iKeepsake.

iKeepsake 2.0 was developed using 100% server-side Java technologies, and it can run on any operating system that supports Java.

Some notable features of iKeepsake include the following:
? iKeepsake is easy to navigate using Windows-like Explorer functionality.
? iKeepsake allows users to create custom albums, create folders within albums, and add various file types within the folders.
? Users can manage (edit or delete) albums, folders, and files.
? A variety of file types can be uploaded and managed from iKeepsake. Current supported file types are jpeg, Flash, avi, and QuickTime videos.
? All shared albums can require user authentication before access is given.
? Users can customize the functionality of the application, alter where they want to store all uploaded files on the Web server, and control whether or not new users can create accounts. Users can also control the types of files that are stored and uploaded to the iKeepsake application.
? Users can upload multiple files into iKeepsake at one time. Users have the option to choose how many files they want to upload at once, and then the GUI will walk them through the multiple upload process.
? A progress/status bar displays during the upload process. This progress bar displays the current file being uploaded, along with its upload statistics.
? The iKeepsake application can manage users and their access times via sessions. Session management can be configured during the installation process.
? Metadata extraction functionality is available for uploaded images. This detailed extraction information includes the name and maker of the camera, time and date the picture was taken, whether a flash was used, aperture used, and much more. Support currently exists for Exif and Iptc metadata segments. Extraction of these segments is provided for any jpeg file.
? iKeepsake has Windows XP-like graphical user interfaces.
? A Tip of the Day dialog box aids users in the proper use of iKeepsake. This feature can be enabled or disabled during the application setup and configuration process.
? Users have a choice of image size when viewing images (small, medium, large, and custom re-sizing).
? Users have slide show functionality when viewing images located in a folder.
? Users have album sharing capabilities. Albums can be shared, and if the e-mail functionality is enabled during install, users can e-mail a link to family and friends informing them of the newly shared album. Also when sharing albums, users have the ability to make the album Public, thus allowing the album not only to be shared, but to also be accessed via the Public Albums page. Any security or time constraints set up during the sharing process will be passed through to the Public Albums page. Family and friends would be required to log in to gain access to the album.
? New user setup capabilities are available. During installation of iKeepsake, users can control whether or not end users will have the ability to create new accounts. If users do not want anyone else to create an account, then they simply disable that functionality in the application configuration file.
? A Short Cuts tab is available in the explorer navigation, allowing for quicker access to most commonly used functionality.
? All short cuts and navigational bars are dynamically built to suit the user who is currently signed in. This allows for different functionality to be set to different levels of users (e.g., administrators, users, and guests).
? Users can choose from a list of different types of views when exploring a folder's contents (e.g., thumbnails, lists, or details).

For more information about iKeepsake 2.0, as well as Web-Structures and its available services and products, visit www.web-structures.com

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