Web linked security camera
POWER Corp is distributing AKCP’s CameraProbe8, an integrated camera and sensor monitoring device for physical and enterprises security. It is based on the SensorProbe architecture, providing a low cost alternative to expensive sensor based camera security systems.

The cameraProbe8 comes with 8 autosense ports for intelligent sensors and an integrated CMOS colour camera. With 15 JPEG frames per second in a local network, customer can view the streaming motion pictures from a simple web browser. An integrated motor can remotely pan and tilt the camera for a complete view of the facility. The sensor ports enable the cameraProbe8 to act like a human eye, taking pictures when any sensor goes beyond their configured threshold. For example, an email can be sent with the picture attached when a security sensor connected to a door is triggered. There is a full range of sensors available, including a motion detector, security sensor, temperature and humidity sensors, water detectors that to check for flooding.

Whenever a sensor event occurs, pictures are captured before, during, and after the event. A database of 584 pictures are captured and stored in flash memory for later analysis via a web browser.

The cameraProbe8 is an embedded host. It is equipped with a TCP/IP stack, internal web server, e-mail, and full SNMP functionality. The cameraProbe8 is easy to use and maintain. The installation process is also simple. There is no need for additional power supply or batteries when new optional sensors are added. The intelligent sensors are automatically recognised and self configure when plugged in.

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