Wearable Pool Alarm for Children
Part of home security is making sure your own family is safe around the house.  If you own a swimming pool, you may have already installed an alarm (to keep unsupervised children out of the water) as it is required in some counties.  That may not be true everywhere, but protecting children should always be a concern.  Most pool alarms I've seen are sort of integrated into gates/fences. Installation can be on the costly side, especially if you don't already have a fence around your pool. The Safety Turtle Pool Alarm System is a little different in that it's something your kids wear. Basically, you put it on your child's wrist like a watch, and it sounds an alarm if they fall in.  The potential for use may be even bigger for non-pool owners (maybe your children aren't good swimmers, but they're going to a birthday party at someone's lakefront or pool front home) as it can be used anywhere.


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