Watch Your Home While You're Away

  • Wired and 802.11B wireless connectivity
  • 1.45 megapixel color CCD camera provides clear, precise details
  • Built-in microphone for remote audio monitoring
  • Up to 30 frames per second

    Keep an eye on your home or business while you're away or broadcast a live feed to a website using Toshiba's Wireless Netcam. This WiFi network camera has a built-in web server and dynamic DNS support and captures live, high-resolution video that is viewable anywhere in the world through a standard web browser. The Wireless Netcam provides 1280 x 960 maximum resolution video thanks to a 1.45 megapixel progressive scan CCD that provides precise details, clarity and true color reproduction by eliminating jagged edges. It is also 802.11b compliant and ready for use on a wireless network. It can be set up anywhere, indoors or outdoors, within range of a wireless router or access point. Set up 10 preset positions for the camera to scan to for continual monitoring without user interaction. The Wireless Netcam's ultra low-light imaging allows you to monitor dark areas or use it for nighttime surveillance. The camera automatically changes from color to black & white imaging in low light for maximum sensitivity. The camera's motion detection system alerts you when activity occurs in a selectable area within the camera's field of view. The camera will send up to 20 e-mail addresses an alert with uploaded images. Images can also be archived to a remote server or an optional SD card.

    For an additional fee, you can register your Wireless Netcam at to find it anywhere on the Internet, no matter where the camera is connected, even without a static IP. Plus, you'll get a free 90-day trial homepage that displays the camera, statistics, and an optional profile. Premium hosing packages include Dynamic DNS, which lets you host your camera on a network with a dynamic IP; Home Service Solution, where your professionally hosted page can include chat and cam archives; E-Commerce Solution, which allows encryption, credit card processing and database integration; and Security Solution, which provides live, affordable video surveillance with 30 days of archived surveillance, as well as e-mail alerts upon motion detection.

    The Wireless Netcam measures 5.0" x 5.0" x 4.7" and weighs 22.92 ounces. In addition to WiFi, the Wireless Netcam can be connected with cable (RJ45) to a LAN, cable modem or DSL modem for superfast 10/100 Ethernet connectivity.


    Toshiba Product No.:

    5.0" x 5.0" x 4.7"

    22.92 ounces

    Image Sensor:
    1/2" CCD

    Pixel Count:
    1.45 Megapixel

    Focal Length:


    Focusing Range:
    31.5" to infinity

    Minimal Illumination:
    2 Lux (normal); 0.03 Lux (w/slow shutter)

    JPEG (3 mode)

    Image Sizes:
    1280x960 (SXVGA); 800x600 (XGA); 640x480 (VGA); 320x240 (QVGA); 160x120 (QQVGA)

    112 (+56 to -56)

    54 (+5 to -49)

    Digital Zoom:

    Preset Position:
    10 Positions

    Maximum Frame Rates:
    7.5 fps (1280x960, 800x600, 640x480); 30 fps (320x240, 160x120)

    Shutter Speeds:
    AES (4-1/25,000s), Selectable, 1/200 (100), 1/60 (50), 1/30 (25), 1/20 (16.7), 1/15 (12.5), 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, 1, 2, 4 seconds

    Power Source:
    DC 10V

    Power Consumption:

    Working Temperature:
    32-104 F (0-40C)

    80% or less

    Ethernet Connectivity:
    RJ45 (10Base-T/100BASE-TX)

    Wireless Connectivity:


    Browser Requirements:
    Internet Explorer 6.0; Netscape 7.0

    Operating System Requirements:
    Windows 98/2000/XP; Mac OSX

    Processor Requirements:
    Intel Pentium III 500MHz+

    Memory Requirements:

    FCC compliant

    1 year, limited

  • Wireless Netcam 1.45MP

  • AC adapter

  • Power cord

  • User's manual

  • CD-ROM with Camera Finder software

  • Sun visor

  • Waterproof rear cover

  • Wall bracket

  • Screw set