Watch Video Images on Your Computer
  • Remote monitoring from any PC via internet or modem
  • Digital recording of live video to your PC's hard-drive
  • Call your phone or pager
  • Turn on lights and appliances
  • Use with your existing observation system Why bother buying a dedicated monitor for surveillance cameras when you can view images directly on your computer screen? With the Video Grabber system , watching near-real-time video images on your computer is easy, regardless of the source. Whether you watch video feeds from surveillance cameras, VCRs or any other video device, the system brings video directly to your PC monitor at up to 30 frames per second. Use it for stand-alone systems or multiple-camera installations (with a LAN connection). Installation is easy. Just hook up the module to your PC using the USB serial port, install the software, connect the video cable to the module and you're ready to go.

    Whether you're monitoring cameras on the premises, or remotely via a standard telephone or LAN, the Video Grabber offers high-resolution snapshot modes that freeze the video image for subject identification. Several security features are integrated into the system, including a security code that prevents access by unauthorized users. Other features include the ability to detect when motion is sensed at the camera location. When the Video Grabber detects motion, a security alarm option sounds and the picture-in-picture screen automatically brings the camera image to your computer screen. You can also program it to send motion detector warnings to your pager or even send you a video e-mail file of the suspect activity.

    When used with the X10 Firecracker Interface (1141), you can control electrical devices such as a lamp and appliances. Any device that is plugged into an electrical outlet or wires to a wall switch can now be controlled using X10 and the Video Grabber USB. The Firecracker Interface plugs into a serial port on the computer, then send wireless signals to a Transceiver module (4005X).

    The Video Grabber system requires a Pentium II or higher processor, 40 MB of hard drive space, 32MB Ram, CD-ROM drive, and a broadband connection and/or modem. Fully compatible with Microsoft Windows 98, Microsoft Windows ME, Microsoft Windows 2000, Microsoft Windows XP. Home Automation features requires a "Firecracker" interface from X10.