Watch TV or Go Online Anywhere in the House or the World

  • Watch TV or surf the Internet from anywhere in the world
  • Web browsing and e-mail with touch panel and on-screen keyboard
  • Base Station unit serves as a WiFi transmitter to the LCD Monitor
  • Control A/V equipment via on-screen universal remote

    Sony's LocationFree? TV sets you free to live beyond the living room. Whether you use it at home, through a wireless or wired LAN connection, or away from home, the LocationFreeTV wireless touchscreen LCD monitor and base station system allows you to enjoy video images and other media from a variety of locations on a 12-inch screen. At home, when you set up the base station in a central room, you are free to roam anywhere within its wireless transmission range carrying only the monitor. Away from home, you can access your TV, videos, and DVDs by using the system's NetAV function to connect to your base station through the Internet. You can enjoy browsing the Internet, composing and reading mail, and viewing your digital albums. You can also register other monitors to a base station. This allows you to use NetAV from the other registered monitors. Only one monitor can enjoy video with the base station at once.

    To browse the web and use mail, you must first connect the LocationFreeTV to the Internet through a cable TV line or DSL line. For a cable connection, you'll need a cable modem and a LAN cable; for a DSL connection, you'll need a DSL modem and splitter along with a LAN cable. While you are away from home with your monitor, you can connect it to your base station via the Internet, enjoy TV, and control the VCR or the DVD player in your home.

    With LocationFreeTV, you're not restricted to television and the Internet. External devices, such as a VCR, AV amplifier, DVR, DVD player/recorder, or digital cable, can be connected to the base station. You can also connect a digital video camera or similar device directly to the AV IN jack on the monitor to watch video. S-Video and A/V cables are sold separately.

    By connecting the monitor to a public wireless access or wired LAN, you can access your base station at an Internet caf or a hotel while you're traveling. The base station serves as a WiFi transmitter to your monitor, so you can use it anywhere in the world. Store up to 100 URLs in your Favorites list. Write emails or enter URLs with the stylus using the onscreen keyboard or attach an external keyboard (sold separately).

    Another fun feature of the LocationFreeTV is its photo album. While you're watching TV or surfing the 'Net, you can capture a still image of the screen and then save it in the album to enjoy later at your convenience. You can even draw pictures and text on saved images or a blank white screen and save your creations in the album. Additional features include a headphone jack, a sleep timer, and a power save timer.

    The LocationFreeTV monitor is completely portable, weighing approximately 5.3 pounds. For even more convenience when you travel, try the LocationFreeTV 7" Display and Base Station.

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    Sony Product No.:

    Base Station Dimensions:
    Approx. 2 3/8" x 8 3/4" x 7 1/8" (5.8cm 22.2cm 18.0cm) (w/h/d, excluding protrusions)

    Monitor Dimensions:
    Approx. 14 3/8" x 9 1/2" x 1 1/4" (36.5cm 24.0cm 3.1cm) (w/h/d, excluding protrusions)

    Base Station Weight:
    Approx. 1 lbs. 3 oz. (550g)

    Monitor Weight:
    Approx. 5 lbs. 5 oz. (2.4kg), including the battery

    Communication Range:
    Indoors: approx. 100 feet (30m) (depending on the environment)

    Wireless LAN Standard:
    IEEE802.11 a/b/g

    Frequency Range:
    2.4 GHz, 5 GHz

    DS-SS Modem and OFDM Modem

    Base Station Power Requirements:
    AC power adapter: 100 - 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz

    4,400 mAh

    Battery Duration:
    Approx. 4 hours (at minimum Backlight); approx. 3 hours (at medium Backlight); approx. 100 minutes (at maximum Backlight)

    Battery Charging Time:
    Approx. 2.5 hours (monitor power on); approx. 2 hours (monitor power off)

    Base Station Power Consumption:
    Approx. 12 W (watching TV), approx. 0.6 W (power off, using AC power adapter)

    Monitor Power Consumption:
    Approx. 55 W (watching TV, charging battery), approx. 24 W watching TV, using battery), approx. 43 W (power off, charging battery)

    Operating Temperature:
    32 F to 95 F (0 C to 35 C)

    Storage Temperature:
    14 F to 113 F (-10 C to 45 C)

    Channel Coverage:
    VHF: 2 - 13, UHF: 14 - 69, CATV: 1 - 125

    Tuning System:
    PLL synthesizer

    Screen Size:
    9 7/8" x 7 3/8", 12 1/4" (24.9cm 18.7cm, 31.1cm) (w/h, diagonal)

    Transparent TN LCD panel

    Drive System:
    TFT active matrix drive system

    Effective Picture Element Ratio:

    Effective Picture Elements:
    Horizontal: 800 dots, Vertical: 600 lines

    Speaker Dimensions:
    1 1/8" x 1 5/8" (2.8cm 4cm) (w/h) oval (2)

    Audio Output:
    0.6 W 2, 8 ohms

    Browser Languages:
    HTML, HTML 4.01, XHTML Basic 1.0 Frame, JavaScript, SSL (V2/3), TLS 1.0, JavaApplet (PJAE 1.2)

    Image File Types:
    GIF, JPEG, PNG, Macromedia Flash Ver.6, AdobeReader LE V1.0

    Mail Transmit Protocol:

    Mail Receive Protocol:

    Album File Types:
    GIF, JPEG, PNG, BMP, MPG (MPEG1 movie)

    FCC and Canadian ICES-003 compliant

    1 year, limited


    Base Station Input/Output:
    VHF/UHF 75-ohm external terminal, S-VIDEO 4-pin mini DIN

    Audio/Video Input

    1 Vp-p, 75 ohms unbalanced, sync negative

    0.286 Vp-p (burst), 75 ohms

    1 Vp-p, 75 ohms unbalanced, sync negative

    500 mVrms

    47 kilohms

    Audio/Video Output

    1 Vp-p, 75 ohms unbalanced, sync negative

    500 mVrms

    Less than 5 kilohms

    DC IN:
    12 V DC

    10Base-T/100Base-TX Ethernet with RJ-45 interface (1)

    Minijack (1)

    USB 1.1 (2)

    Monitor Input

    DC IN:
    16 V DC

    Stereo minijack

    16 ohms or more

    USB 1.1 (1)

    10Base-T/100Base-TX Ethernet with RJ-45 interface (1)

    AV IN:
    Minijack (1)

    Base Station AC Power Unit

    Power Requirements:
    100 - 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz Rated output DC OUT: 12 V DC, 3 A

    Operating Temperature:
    32 F to 95 F (0 C to 35 C)

    Storage Temperature:
    14 F to 140 F (-10 C to 60 C)

    Approx. 4" 2" x 1 1/16" (99.5mm 49.5mm 25.5mm) (w/h/d, excluding protrusions)

    7 oz. (200g)

    Monitor AC Power Unit

    Power Requirements:
    100 - 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz Rated output

    DC OUT:
    16 V DC, 3.75 A

    Operating Temperature:
    32 F to 95 F (0 C to 35 C)

    Storage Temperature:
    14 F to 140 F (-10 C to 60 C)

    Approx. 5" x 1 3/16" x 2 3/8" (125mm 30mm 60mm) (w/h/d, excluding protrusions)

    11 oz. (300g)

    BP-LX1A Battery

    Approx. 4 7/8" x 3 1/2" x 1 3/16" (123.6 88.0 20.5mm) (w/h/d)

    11 oz. (310g)

    Rated Voltage:
    10.8 V DC

    4,400 mAh

    Lithium ion battery

    Operating Temperature:
    32F to 95F (0C to 35C)

    Storage Temperature:
    14F to 95F (-10C to 35C)

  • LCD monitor

  • Base station

  • BP-LX1A battery

  • Stylus

  • AC-LX1B AC power adapter for the base station

  • AC-LX1M AC power adapter for the monitor

  • 2 Power cords

  • IR Blaster

  • Base station stand

  • Ferrite core

  • Operating instructions

  • Quick Start Guide

  • Important software notice

  • Warranty card