Watch Four A/V Sources on Any TV in Your Home
Distribute A/V signals through four user-selected channels
  • Isolated inputs give better audio quality
  • Full channel memory after power outages
  • Easy InstallationThe 4-channel mono modulator lets you distribute any four audio/video sources°™including satellite receivers, DVD players, VCRs, security cameras, and computers°™to every room in your home. The 4-channel mono modulator features isolated audio inputs to improve audio performance. And the front-panel channel and mode selectors make the mono modulator easy to use. The 4-channel mono modulator works with your existing cable system, which means you can extend the value of your audio/video system to any TV without the cost of a complex installation. Coax cable and RCA audio/video cable sold separately.

    Details and Specifications
    The 4-channel mono modulator comes with many features to help you get the most from your audio/video system. It has isolated left and right audio inputs to improve the audio quality from your A/V sources. The 4-channel mono modulator has Binary Code Decimal (BCD) channel selectors for easy tuning and comes with digital Phase Lock Loop (PLL) tuning to eliminate channel drift. The mono modulator also has full channel memory, so it will always come back on to the channels you selected°™even after a power outage.


    Cable Electronics Part #

    height: 2.375" (6.033cm)
    width: 8.375" (21.273cm)
    depth: 6.5" (16.51cm)

    4.24 lbs. (1.923kg)

    transformer input: 117V AC, 60Hz
    transformer output: 16V AC, 1.1A
    consumption: 25 watts

    Signal Inputs
    four (4) video inputs
    (left & right mono audio)

    Signal Outputs
    one (1) RF output to TV

    Frequency Ranges
    UHF: channels 14®C69
    CATV: channels 60®C94 & 100®C125

    one year

    What's Included

    • Cable Electronics Theater 4-Channel Mono Modulator Base Unit
    • Class 2 Adapter/Transformer
    • User Manual