Voltek Voltek PIR Indoor/Outdoor B&W 3 Wireless Camera Monitoring CCTSystem digital camera
Voltek PIR Indoor/Outdoor B&W 3 Wireless Camera Monitoring CCTSystem 259.95 (inc VAT and FREE delivery)

SAVE ?9.90!

This is the ultimate PIR security system

Included in the kit are 3 PIR cameras capable of detecting movement up to 5m over a 90 degree angle. They are fully weatherproof so can be used inside or out. If motion is detected a signal is sent to the monitor (previously in sleep mode) which turns on with full audio and video creating an alarm signal.

Both cameras and the tiny 5 inch monitor can run off mains power or batteries so the kit is completely portable. The cameras can see in extremely low light conditions (2 Lux) and have a very high quality 2.4GHz transmission frequency.

Set up cameras inside and around your house and monitor your car, the baby even the front door - whatever you need to keep an eye on this kit will let you do it.

Extend Your Night Vision Range

With the Infra Red Illuminator you can extend your night vision range to up to 10 metres for only ?4.96. Ideal for outdoor or indoor use. Works with all our B&W night vision cameras.

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