Voltek Voltek Internal Colour Professional CCTV Camera (506C) camera specification
Voltek Internal Colour Professional CCTV Camera (506C) 84.95 (inc VAT )

The Voltek Internal Colour Professional Camera is designed for most internal CCTV requirements. The camera produces good quality colour images.

Colour camera for internal use
320 TVL resolution
6mm lens
115mm x 60mm x 55mm
Minimum illumination 2 lux
Traditional/professional CCTV look for deterrent value
Supplied with wall mounting bracket, power supply and 20m power and video cable
Tough metal casing
User manual supplied
Simple and easy installation

Fantastic For

* Home security * Shop security * School security * Theft prevention * Office monitoring *

The Voltek Internal Professional Camera is a suitable camera for internal use. The camera provides good resolution colour images that can be viewed on a TV and/or video recorder or even PC! (with software)

The Wired Camera

This wired camera provides you with a clear picture of what is going on during the day. To enable the camera to see in low light conditions it is recommended to use PIR lighting. The camera can be mounted on the wall and comes with wall mounting bracket and 20 metres of cable (one cable for both AV signal and power).

Extend the distance of your Camera

Extend the distance of your camera with theVoltek CT250 15 metre Extension Lead for ?7.95 each. You can add up to a maximum of 5 extension leads allowing cameras to be 95m away without any loss of signal or degradation of picture quality

Need Multiple Cameras?

Want to keep an eye on everything that is going on? You can add additional cameras and link them to a Digital Video Recorder, Multiplexer and Long Play VCR or even to a PC to monitor and record all cameras simultaneously.

Digital Video Recorder

Link your cameras to a DVR and achieve digital quality recording. Record all cameras simultaneously with time and date stamping and view all cameras as quad images. With built in hard drive memory, time lapse recording can offer well over a 1000 hours of recording! See the 4 Camera DVR. Or see the 16 camera DVR

Connect to PC

To connect your camera system to a PC and turn your simple CCTV camera into a motion detected remote viewing suveillance system you will need to purchase software and capture card. See

The Voltek Internal Colour Professional CCTV Camera is in stock and can be delivered next day for only ?4.95 including VAT

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