Vivotek VS2402 video server
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The Vivotek VS2402 video server is a high-performance networking video multiplexer. With powerful VLIW DSP core and fully optimized algorithm, it can compress and transmit high quality real-time video through a standard TCP/IP inter-network. In addition to meet the basic needs of video feed, many advanced features are added to help building applications of surveillance or web attraction.

  • Real-time motion-JPEG compression - Four video inputs can be efficiently compressed into packets of JPEG images without delay. Five levels of compression ratio and three sizes of image resolutions will make it easy to meet your monitoring and storage requirement.

  • Robust system operation - Industrial real-time operating system protects against malicious hackers and viruses that threaten Windows or Linux systems. The on-board watchdog eternally monitors the system operations.

  • Easy web access via standard browser - You don't have to install any software to access VisualServer. The embedded Web server allows users to access VisualServer anywhere over the Internet with any popular Web browser.

  • Password protection of system access - Password level protection is provided by the system to prevent malicious intruders from entering the network. Once the password of the administrator is entered, any user will need password authentication to access VisualServer. Each user can have individual access rights to view video or control external devices.

  • Built-in motion detection - No more external sensors are required. Each video channel can be setup to detect any motion with customized settings. Adjustments for both object size and sensitivity, allow for maximum reliability.

  • Weekly schedule for automatic surveillance - The user-defined time period will repeat weekly to check any security settings and accordingly send notification or drive external devices.

  • Flexible I/O control for external devices - There are four opto-isolated sensor inputs and two relay outputs to control external devices. System integrators can easily replace the current analog systems to build an advanced security system.

  • Bundled powerful surveillance software - To extend the capabilities of VisualServer, a powerful surveillance program is included in the package and totally free to use. Users can easily utilize the existing PC to be a digital video recorder. Schedule or one-click recording keeps every important moment in your local hard disk; reliable motion detection and instant warning keep you informed of every condition. Quick and simple search and playback features let you easily find the moment you want to inspect more carefully and output to AVI files for another copy.

  • Remote system upgrade - Lifetime upgrades to firmware is available for free on the manufacturers website. A free upgrade wizard is included to facilitate the job.

  • Developer's technical support - The high-performance VisualServer can be integrated into many applications within your budget. The complete programming interface and standard JPEG format can easily speed developers' tasks.


    CPU: Trimedia PNX1300




    Adjustable bandwidth limit


    TCP/IP, HTTP, SMTP, FTP, Telnet, NTP, DNS and



    PPP (dial-up, direct cable connection)


    10BaseT Ethernet or 100BaseT Fast Ethernet


    Algorithm Supported


    Video Inputs and Outputs

    4 BNC video inputs with 75Ω terminal switch

    NTSC/PAL auto-sensing

    4 BNC loop-through video outputs


    Adjustable image size and quality

    B/W or color control

    Quad screen display

    Timestamp and text overlay



    Up to 30 frames at 176x112

    Up to 30 frames at 352X240

    Up to 9 frames at 704X480 or quad


    Up to 25 frames at 176x144

    Up to 25 frames at 352X288

    Up to 8 frames at 704X576 or quad

    Serial Port


    9 pin D-SUB RS232 or RS485 (PTZ camera

    control) max.115.2Kbps


    9 pin D-SUB RS232 (modem or PTZ camera

    control) max.115.2Kbps

    General I/O

    4 sensor inputs (max. 12VDC 50mA)

    2 relay outputs (max. 24VDC 1A, 125VAC 0.5A)

    LED Indicator

    System power and status indicators

    Network link and speed indicators


    216.7mm(L) * 193.7mm(W) * 44.3mm(H)


    Net. 970g.


    Consumption: near 7.8W

    Universal switching power supply included

    Input: 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz, 0.4A

    Output: 12VDC, 1.5A

    External power supply

    6-15VDC, min. 15W

    Operating Environment

    Temperature: 0-65°C/32-149°F

    Humidity: 95%RH

    Alarm Features

    4-channel motion detection with object size

    and sensitivity

    Daily repeat timing schedule

    3 color images per camera for pre/post alarm

    Automatic transfer of stored images via email

    or FTP with event-triggered actions


    Multiple PTZ camera control through RS232 or


    Supported devices and protocols,

    Sony VISCA protocol, Canon VC-C1, VC-C3,

    VC-C4, Dynacolor SmartDOME, Pelco

    D-protocol, Lilin Speeddome, Ernitec


    CGI command serial driver is supported

    Remote Software Upgrade

    System firmware upgradeable via FTP or

    bundled upgrade wizard

    Viewing System Requirement

    Operating System

    Microsoft Windows, Linux, Unix and Mac OS


    Internet Explorer 4.x or above,

    Netscape Navigator 4.x or above

    Bundled Free Software

    Surveillance software to record and replay

    pictures on PC hard disk

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