Vision Systems use electronically calibrated cameras

New 'Precision Vision' Systems from Edmunds Feature Comparative Measurement via Electronically Calibrated Cameras for Fast, Precise Gaging

(Farmington, CT C January 2003) Edmunds Gages has recently introduced new vision gaging systems that are flexible for applications requiring precise dimensional inspection at high production speeds. Conventional gaging works for speeds of 500 to 1000 parts per hour, but when speed requirements are closer to 10,000 per hour, vision gaging is the option of choice.

The Edmunds Gages "Precision Vision" systems have distinct advantages over other vision gaging systems. Edmunds vision cameras are easily software-calibrated. Using digital camera imaging, they not only check for measurements and obvious product discrepancies, but also for pre-programmed attributes. No large expenditure for part-dedicated tooling is required for these systems. The cameras can be reprogrammed for new applications by visually calibrating to a master. According to Gary Hutchinson, Edmunds' Sales Engineer, "We certify the master in our lab to millionths of an inch, so it's a known size. The cameras take that image, and calibrate what is viewed by the cameras to the known size of the master. The cameras have telecentric lenses that provide the image detail necessary to assure this level of precision. They detect size, for instance, by thousandths of an inch, not by the number of pixels, as other systems may."

The Edmunds Gages Sub-Millionths Laboratory is directly traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and is A2LA certified. Edmunds has the engineering capability to provide vision gages for a variety of applications. In one typical application, a gage measures a family of valve guides, ranging in length from 1.25" to 3", diameters from .375" to .625", and running at speeds of 10,000 parts per hour. Parts are automatically loaded on an indexing conveyor, and are viewed and measured by the gaging cameras. The observed statistics can be viewed as digital numeric values, histograms, X-Bar and R charts and more. The software also includes GR&R schemes for periodically monitoring the gage reliability. The "Precision Vision" systems are Ethernet compatible for remote monitoring and data storage.

The launch of "Precision Vision" is a new capability for Edmunds Gages. The 50-plus year-old company has been primarily known for custom designing and building automatic feedback gages, cylindricals, gaging columns, and universal and gage block comparators. For more information about Edmunds Vision Gages, contact Edmunds Gages, Farmington Industrial Park, Farmington, CT 06032; (860) 677-2813, or visit the company's website at
Vision Systems use electronically calibrated cameras.
Vision Systems use electronically calibrated cameras.

January 20, 2003 08:13 - Utilizing digital camera imaging, Precision Vision Systems can check measurements, product discrepancies, and pre-programmed attributes. Parts running at speeds of 10,000 parts per hour are automatically loaded on indexing conveyor, and are viewed and measured by cameras. Observed statistics can be viewed as digital numeric values, histograms, X-Bar, and R charts. Precision Vision Systems are Ethernet compatible for remote monitoring and data storage.


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