Virtual Home Assistant Makes Debut in Kansas City Metro Area

Revolutionary home automation system now available in KC metro area. System uses advanced artificial intelligence to predict and respond to situations. Originally developed for physically handicapped, the system has evolved to work in any home and lifestyle.

Gardner, KS March 29, 2005 -- RALPH the home assistant, a revolutionary home automation system using voice command and artificial intelligence, is now installed and on display at Cornerstone Book & Gift located at 140 E. Main in Gardner, KS.    

RALPH provides security, calls for help, monitors motion, turns lights on and off, opens and closes drapes, locks and opens doors, and provides many other convenience features. RALPH does not require the home's occupants to have any computer experience; they just converse naturally with the product; they talk to RALPH and it responds with speech. The system was originally designed to allow physically handicapped persons to live independently in their own homes and is now available in the Kansas City area.
RALPH is also currently assisting in providing a safe-haven for a local youth group in a sort of "latch-key" setting by providing security as well as serving as a control center for the audio/visual equipment used by the kids and by using motion sensors, voice command, video cameras and I.D. key fobs.
Originally developed to allow a polio victim to live alone after his wife passed away, RALPH has evolved into a virtual assistant, companion and protector for handicapped and non-handicapped people. RALPH stands for Real Assisted Living for Physically Handicapped and is a sophisticated home automation and monitoring system using advanced artificial intelligence to create a virtual live-in assistant.
With "baby boomers" becoming older and requiring assistance, RALPH is ideal for the elderly, reminding them when to take medications, maintaining a call list for help if they fall, as well as providing companionship. A typical configuration costs less than 3 months of living in an assisted care facility and provides the familiarity of staying in your own home with the security of calling for help if needed.
Besides helping the handicapped, RALPH can make any home more convenient, comfortable, secure, and do so at a reasonable cost. A "luxury living" version of RALPH is available that makes any home a "smart home".
More information about this assistive technology can be found on the web at or by calling (913) 481-4871 where Martin Mahnken will be available to answer your questions. Interested parties can also call Ron Briley at Cornerstone Book & Gift at (913) 884-8177 to arrange a visit with RALPH.

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