View and Record Four Security Camera Feeds on One Monitor

  • Supports 4 independent composite video input connectors
  • Display and record each camera or any video signal simultaneously
  • Real-time software encoder can directly record four video sources to your hard drive
  • Mpeg4 video file database management to delete, backup or review files

    Security is important to you - that's why you have four different cameras running, keeping a constant eye on your home or business. But maintaining four separate monitors and recording systems can be costly and takes up a lot of space. GrandTec has created a space-saving solution with the Grand Magic Guard. This digital video capture system uses a plug & play USB 2.0 interface so that you can monitor and record feed from up to four different video signals simultaneously on your computer's hard drive. You may also view the feeds on a TV monitor in either a quad display that shows all four images at once, or a dual display consisting of a main image with a small picture-in-picture window. Alternating among images in the latter option is easy, using the included IR remote control. Since the 4-Camera Color Quad works with virtually any type of camera, you're not limited to certain brands. This 4-Camera Color Quad can automatically save such data as date/time and brightness/contrast/saturation/hue for each camera. It also notates alarms when video is lost or motion is detected. The preview window size is adjustable, and you can even define the environment you do not wish to observe by adjusting mask area and sensitivity. Select the key-lock function to lock all buttons on the panel to prevent settings from being changed accidentally.

    GrandTec's Grand Magic Guard measures 7 3/4" x 5 1/2" x 1 3/4". It supports both composite video out to TV (2) or recording by VCR or Digital MGuard DVR software (2), and it also supports GPIO function - four input and one output.


    GrandTec Product No.:

    7 3/4" x 5 1/2" x 1 3/4"

    Software Requirement:
    Intel Pentium 4 1.0 GHz processor minimum

    Running System:
    Windows 2000/XP only

    Real Time MPEG4 avi video encoder and decoder

    Video Systems Supported:
    NTSC or PAL

    Adjustable video display settings:
    Brightness, Contrast, Hue, Saturation, quality, alarm, motion detection area

    Camera Compression:
    5~6Gb/24hr. (All frames are recorded); 0.5G~3Gbytes/24hr (with motion and time interval)

    Frame resolution:
    NTSC 320x240,PAL 360x288

    Camera Recording Frame Rates:
    Pentium4 1GHz: 6~8 fps; Pentium4 2GHz: 8~12 fps.; Pentium4 2.8GHz: 12~14 fps

    Camera Preview Frame Rates:
    Pentium4 1GHz: 15~20 fps; Pentium4 2GHz: 20~25 fps; Pentium4 2.8GHz: 25~30 fps

    HD requirements:
    80GB for one week (approx.)

    System RAM:
    128 MB or above

    1 year, limited

  • 4-Cam Color Quad w/USB 2.0 DVR Capture

  • User's Manual

  • CD with Digital MGuard DVR software (Mpeg4 Video Database and Divx 5.0.2 Mpeg4 Codec)

  • Remote control

  • 2 AAA batteries

  • 2 RCA connectors

  • 1 USB cable

  • 1 power cord