View Surveillance Images in Living Color!
  • High-resolution screen -- perfect for full- or split-screen images
  • Durable, professional-looking all metal construction
  • Comes with S-video input Surveillance camera images come to life on this high-resolution 14" Color Monitor with audio! With 420 lines of resolution, this monitor is perfect for viewing full- or split-screen images in extraordinary detail (camera sequencers and splitters sold separately). Suitable for monitoring live video, or time-lapse footage.

    The monitor accepts both NTSC and PAL signals, and runs on 110-240VAC (uses 68W). Connections: 2 BNC (video in, video out) and 2 RCA (audio in, audio out). Approx. 12.5" H x 13.75" W x 14.5" D. Weighs approx. 31 lbs.

    Due to the weight of these items, Smarthome will add a heavy item shipping charge.