Videolarm Releases the New RC3 Ceiling Camera
Videolarm, the closed circuit television (CCTV)camera and accessory innovator and manufacturer, today announced the availability of the RC3 2?x2? ceiling camera with 360? manual rotation for maximum surveillance in indoor environments. The RC3 replaces a standard 2?x2? ceiling tile, making it easy to install. The ceiling tile can then be placed on top of the RC3, retaining the ceiling?s fi re retardant properties. The wedge housing, hinged for servicing from below, also makes maintaining the camera very easy and accessible.

?This camera is all about ease of use and the ability to manually set the camera,? said David Krysh, Videolarm vice president of marketing and sales. ?The RC3?s unique ability to be manually rotated 360 degrees adds the ability for customization, that isn?t always available at this price point.?

Each RC3 features a choice of standard or high-resolution black and white, or standard or high-resolution color cameras. A new day/night high-resolution camera is also available. The camera switches to black and white when lighting conditions reach low-light levels. Compatible lenses for the RC3 include fi xed, with a variety of lengths, 4-8 mm varifocal, or 4-9mm auto iris.

The compact, rotating, ceiling RC3 is enclosed in a wedge housing and is attractively designed to be unobtrusive. It features a low profi le design, making it ideal for use in offi ces, schools, stores, and other indoor applications where discreet surveillance is desired. The wedged housing, base and window are all polycarbonate.

Availability Videolarm?s RC3 cameras will be available November 1, 2003, and can be purchased separately or as part of a complete CCTV camera system. For a demo or for more information contact Videolarm at or go to to locate a local sales representative.

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