Video Surveillance and Broadcast Solution
Turn your PC and webcam into a complete video surveillance and broadcasting solution! announces the release of Watcher 2.22, a Windows program that works with webcam not only to provide security for home and business, but also to provide video broadcasting capability.

Four great features distinguish Watcher from other webcam software. Watcher combines both surveillance and broadcasting capabilities into one single software; Watcher is able to log true video/audio events (not just jpeg files) from beginning to end upon motion detection; Watcher can stream real time video to RemoteView, a free add-on from, to facilitate remote video surveillance easily using Internet connection or modems; Watcher can run in stealth mode or as an NT service.

Watcher 2.22 is a full-fledged version that provides almost all functionalities expected from a webcam surveillance software. Watcher uses an advanced motion detection algorithm to perform monitoring job. Upon motion detection, Watcher logs the event into video files and triggers a series of configurable alerts: email, ftp upload or phone alert. The logged video files can even be remotely accessed. Watcher's broadcasting function can be performed simultaneously with motion monitoring, so while doing motion detection, Watcher can also continuously upload the images captured from camera onto the Internet. All the above functions can be scheduled to run at desired time, even in stealth mode.

In addition, Watcher can be easily configured as a multi-cam solution, which usually costs at least a few hundred dollars if you choose other software. The ability to support both VfW and DirectShow technologies means Watcher can work with a wide range of webcams and video capture cards. Watcher is the right choice for those looking for inexpensive and yet flexible video surveillance and broadcast solutions.

System Requirements
Watcher will run on a PC with a webcam or an analog camera with capture card and the following operating systems: Windows 95, 98, Me, NT4, 2000, or XP. The program requires 32MB of RAM.

Price and Availability
Watcher 2.22 is available now. The price is USD39.00.

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