Video Recorder simplifies new and existing security systems

Sequent Technologies Unveils Paladin Quattro To Enhance New & Existing Security Systems

Paladin Quattro utilizes an advanced video compression system (MPEG-4 derivative) to record and store over one year of video (30 frames per second, VHS quality), audio and data from up to four cameras to its hard drives, while simultaneously streaming live to PDAs, Cellphones, Laptops, and Desktops worldwide.

CITY OF INDUSTRY, Calif., March 26, 2003 - Sequent Technologies, the leading provider of wireless/wired surveillance video, audio and data transmission and recording systems today announced Paladin Quattro, a VHS-quality rack mount or table top video recorder/transmitter that utilizes existing wired/wireless networks to deliver streaming video via the Internet.

Also known as one of Sequent's lines of "Sensor" products, the Paladin Quattro utilizes a unique patent pending technology to record and store over one year of video at 30 frames per second (fps), at VHS quality, together with audio and data - all on-board the single device. The Paladin Quattro eliminates the enormous storage costs required by other systems.

Paladin Quattro requires only one DSL or cable modem connection to view up to 16 cameras simultaneously, as well as transfer necessary search criteria to Sequent's RAIDIUS IMS (Information Management System).

The Paladin eliminates the need for multiple Internet connections.

Each Paladin Quattro system can directly handle input from four cameras at VHS quality, or up to 16 cameras at QSIF (Quarter Standard Image Format), simultaneously streaming at 30 fps and recording each with additional cameras multiplexed into the system. Other key benefits of the Paladin Quattro include its ability to utilize existing surveillance systems, and its compatibility with off-the-shelf cameras and microphones. In conjunction with the recently announced RAIDIUS IMS, Paladin Quattro is the most complete hardware software solution for Law Enforcement, Military, Public Safety, Commercial and Homeland Security markets.

"With today's evolving need for increased security, Sequent Technologies continues to be at the forefront of providing high-security solutions for public infrastructure, commercial and manufacturing sites," said Daniel Pearlson, Sequent Technologies' president and chief technology officer. "Paladin Quattro along with the recently announced RAIDIUS IMS provides clear observation, accurate monitoring and record keeping essential to maintaining a watchful eye on secure locations as well as provide a cost-effective solution. No other device can reduce operating expenses by recording one year of information on its hard drives and eliminate the need for multiple Internet connections."

Available through system integrators, Paladin Quattro when used with the Sequent RAIDIUS IMS creates a wide-area, all digital wired/wireless surveillance network. The system is designed to enhance new and existing security systems, can record thousands of hours of video, audio, and meta data while simultaneously transmitting live video via cellular, satellite, wireless or wired networks. In addition, Paladin Quattro automatically, without user intervention, provides Sequent's RAIDIUS IMS all data necessary to go directly to specific video recordings sought by any authorized user - including time, location, event, entry alarm, or other information.

Paladin-based, all digital surveillance systems, offer many unique capabilities including;

? The flexibility and scalability of Paladin Quattro integration of hundreds, or even thousands of cameras that can be accessed at anytime, anywhere, from anywhere, instantly.

? Real-time capture and retransmission of video clips or events to remote or local, wireless or wired viewing devices i.e., PDAs, cell phones, laptops and desktop computers.

? Instant, automatic archiving of endless hours of video, audio and data into a secure IP-accessible, event-indexed database. No manual logging. No tape cassettes. No recorder maintenance.

? Instant retrieval of any event record. Customizable by up to 128 user-defined data streams recorded simultaneously and embedded with the video and audio records - requiring no special user software to access.

? Completely secure access system. Local or remote record viewing monitored and logged automatically by Sequent's RAIDIUS IMS.

Like the previously announced Ranger 350i, Paladin Quattro can transmit video, audio and up to 128 different data streams to remote locations.

In a Sequent surveillance system, the powerful and flexible Paladin Quattro puts the user in command of the audio, video and data gathered and recorded. The remote "live" viewing capability coupled with RAIDIUS IMS ability to instantly access any event record at anytime provides a new dimension in security surveillance systems.

Paladin Quattro can record and transmit continuously or transmission can be triggered manually or by an event, such as door opening or activation of a motion or vibration sensor. A built-in "Flashback" feature can be set to record and, when called for, transmit a preset period of video, audio and data recorded before the trigger activation. This allows the viewer to replay the events that occurred prior to the trigger event.

Paladin Quattro uses patent-pending technology to deliver VHS-quality video, audio and data files from the surveillance locale to any location using existing satellite, wireless or wired networks. Unlike other systems, video can be transmitted at 30 frames or "pictures" per second (fps) (NTSC), with stereo or two-channel CD quality audio using 802.11, satellite and wired networks, up to 15 fps via GPRS, and1xRTT connections, and up to 6 fps on CDPD cellular data services.

Paladin is equipped with multiple hard drives that can record up to one terabyte of information - up to one year of typical 30 fps VHS-quality surveillance video. The system records video and audio using as little as one tenth of the data storage space of comparable systems, making the Paladin the most cost-effective means to digitally encode video for evidentiary archives. Operating on 110 or 220 V AC, Paladin can be readily installed in any indoor location anywhere as a standalone video surveillance system or interfaced with existing video surveillance systems. As a powerful multi-purpose Intel processor-based system, Paladin can run a variety of user applications in addition to recording audio, video, and data.

About Sequent

Headquartered in City of Industry, Calif., Sequent Technologies is the leading provider of mobile visual telecommunication systems using advanced video compression and encryption techniques. These patented systems transmit video, audio and data streams from anywhere using virtually any data transmission system and the Internet. The company's ability to network video surveillance systems and provide secure access via existing Internet, cellular and computer interfaces dramatically advances the potential use of video in Law Enforcement, Public Safety, Commercial Security, Homeland Defense, Airport/Airline, and Military applications. For more information on Sequent Technologies, log on to their Web site at or call (909) 869-1688.
Video Recorder simplifies new and existing security systems.
Video Recorder simplifies new and existing security systems.

April 9, 2003 07:40 - Paladin Quattro VHS-quality rack-mount or tabletop video recorder/transmitter utilizes existing wired/wireless networks to deliver streaming video, via Internet, at 30 frames/sec. Recorder is capable of storing over 1 yr of video, together with audio and data. It requires only DSL or cable modem connection to simultaneously view up to 16 cameras and transfer search criteria to company's RAIDIUS Information Management System. Unit may be triggered manually or by event.

Company Information:
Name: Sequent Technologies
Address: 339 S. Cheryl Lane
City: City of Industry
State: CA
ZIP: 91789
Country: USA
Phone: 909-869-1688
FAX: 909-869-1689

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