Video Over Networks with Pelco's NVR300 Network Video Recorder

Clovis, CA -- Pelco is pleased to introduce the newest offering of integrated products within its family of network products, the Pelco NVR300 Network Video Recorder. The NVR300 provides an integrated centralized recording solution by enabling the storage of multiple video and audio transmissions at the same time. This latest addition to the Pelco network family allows users to store all the data they want by using either internal or external RAID5 storage. Even a cost-effective internal non-RAID version is available for the cost-conscious customer.

Multiple NVR300s seamlessly integrate with enterprise networks. With its Automatic Data Replenishment (ADR) technology, users will have no worries if a data stream is interrupted due to Network conditions beyond their control. When the NVR is connected to a PelcoNet NET350 with local Compact Flash storage device, ADR allows the NVR the ability to replenish interrupted video recordings from the NET350's Compact Flash storage device to build an uninterrupted video stream.

The competitively priced NVR300's versatility allows affordable configurations from mainstream applications through large enterprise class installations, with the advantage of internal or external RAID storage options, as well as the custom interface to the Pelco VMX300 Video Management System - designed to meet any level of customer needs.

This custom interface allows for total system integration of the NVR into a "Hybrid System" that includes not only digital components, such as the PelcoNet devices and NVR, but also uses those components to upgrade existing analog equipment. This creates a powerful system with seamless integration at the lowest possible cost. For smaller applications the NVR uses a full-featured Internet Explorer based interface that allows for system set-up and full operation using a simple Internet Explorer window instead of a client software package.

Other features include the use of a high-speed embedded SQL database for storing information, which enables the NVR300 to do full-featured searches based alarms, camera name, date, and time. In addition, recording of up to 64 simultaneous video and audio streams, continuous or alarm-based recording, full duplex operation over TCP/IP networks, and digital watermark certification make this a powerful and versatile network storage solution.

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