Video Insight PC Video Surveillance Systems
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Video Insight's software loads on your current server and connects to your existing cameras, allowing you to view live or recorded video from anywhere.  Our unique peer-to-peer software design supports 16 cameras per server, with no limit on the number of servers.  You can view live or recorded video from our client viewer or any standard browser.  Video Insight's approach allows you to leverage your current IT infrastructure, including servers, cameras, and disk storage systems, which lowers your overall costs.

·         Next generation Digital Video Software

·         Designed to run on any Windows-based server

·         Connects directly to standard CCTV cameras with supplied video capture card. (NTSC or PAL format)

·         Works with IP based cameras via the network allowing you to view and record IP cameras and Analog cameras on the same screen

·         Does not require Multiplexers or any other special hardware except the provided capture card

·         Smart Search technology allows you to draw a box on an image and perform a search based on any motion that occurred within that box 

·         Video Search allows you to specify a date and a time and go directly to the recorded events

·         Archive recorded video on a scheduled bases by moving it to another location, or recompressing it with Microsoft WMV or trimming extra images  

·         Health Monitor assures your Video Insight Servers are always running  

·         Enterprise Manager provides the administrator with centralized user, camera and server management 

·         Based on leading Microsoft.Net technologies

·         Easy-to-use standard Windows interface

·         Based on the included Microsoft SQL Server

·         World-class customer support 


Recording Features

  • Records up to 240 frames per second over 16 cameras

  • Support for up to 32 cameras per card 

  • Each camera is configurable to capture between 1 and 30 frames per second (fps)

  • Select between 160x120, 320x240, and 640x480 resolutions on each camera

  • User controlled variable compression ratio for video

  • Continuous, motion-activated, or event-based recording

  • Configure motion sensitivity settings on each camera

  • User defined zones to customized motion detection areas or block motion from activating recording

  • Pre and Post Motion Recording

  • Software control of Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) cameras allows remote control of cameras and feature standard features like preset views and speed control

  • Intuitive on screen control of the PTZ moves the camera with a click of the mouse.

  • Email alerts on motion alarms

  • Use our integrated scheduling to stop and start recording at pre-determined times

  • Records 1 Channel of Audio synchronized to video

  • Simultaneous recording and viewing by multiple clients

  • Zoom image up to 400%

  • Adjustable brightness, contrast and color controls by camera

  • Time and date stamp overlay

  • High performance recording mode increases frame rate on less powerful systems

  • Uses standard surveillance cameras

  • Ability to hide cameras from the DVR user

  • Support for an unlimited amount of storage space using standard disk drives

  • Automatically manages files and disk space to ensure continuous recording

  • Ability to set the maximum amount of disk space used by each camera

  • In addition to images per second, each camera is customizable to record 1 image every 1 hour for time-lapse photography.

Viewing Features

  • View live or recorded video from the Server, Remote Client, or a standard web browser

  • View live video from analog cameras on the same screen as IP cameras.

  • Server continues to record while playing recorded files

  • Familiar Windows interface requires no training

  • Motion Indicator that highlights the camera to alert the viewer of movement

  • Left hand navigation provides intuitive way to viewing of recorded files

  • Intuitive play, pause, rewind functionality

  • View video frame-by-frame, or at various playback speeds of 2,4,8,16,32 and 64 times normal speed.

  • View up to 24 hours in a single file

  • Smart Search allows you to draw a box on an image and perform a search based on any motion that occurred within that box.  The file automatically advances to the next event.

  • Video Search allows the user to specify a date and time and go directly to that section of recorded video 

  • Motion Log with quick review features

  • Graphical Display of motion activity by day

  • Thumbnail view of recorded files

  • Facility Map that provides quick access to specific cameras to users not familiar with the campus by highlighting the camera name in red during motion

  • Playback across multiple files without interruption

  • Handy scroll-bar allows for quick search of files

  • Seven predefined viewing layouts

  • Drag and drop cameras across your layout

  • View cameras from different servers on the same screen

  • Supports full screen viewing

  • Select cameras from any server with our left-hand side navigation bar

  • Select up to 16 cameras from any server for viewing on the same screen

  • View live video from any location with a standard web browser, without any downloads or plug-ins

  • View 1, 4 or 16 cameras simultaneously from the web browser

  • Ability to block any portion of live camera view while recording full view of camera

  • View Live, uncompressed video on a standard TV connected to our Video Out port.  You can use the software to select which camera to view or cycle through all the cameras.

  • View Multiplexed video of all your cameras in a 4, 9 or 16 camera setup with a standard TV with the use of our optional video card.

  • Integrated Windows security protects unauthorized viewing

  • Multiple users can view recorded video simultaneously

  • On-Screen keyboard and "kiosk mode" allows for secure operation

  • Video Editing provides tools to cut clips or combing multiple video files together

Integration, Customization, and Management

  • Centralized configuration and management of systems

  • Individually definable camera settings, including capture rates

  • User level security

  • SQL Server data structure allows for easy integration into external data sources like POS, alarm, or access control systems.

  • User defined camera names

  • Adjust file and image sizes

  • Configure frames, resolution, recording and motion setting by camera

  • Event copying of individual or a sequence of images

  • Easy-to-use standard Windows interface
  • Developed using technologies
  • Settings and configuration stored in a SQL server database
  • Supports any Windows-compatible storage device, including
  • CD, DVD, NAS, and SAN
  • AVI video format compatible with all major media players.
  • Interoperable with other applications
  • MJPEG image compression

Video Insight's software is easy-to-use, yet extremely powerful.  The following screenshots provide you with an overview of the program’s main features.  Click on the image for a full-screen view.


16 Camera Display 13 Camera Display

13B Camera Display 10 Camera Display

8 Camera Display 4 Camera Display

1 Camera Display Full Screen

Web Client 16 Cameras Web Client 10 Cameras

Web Client 4 Cameras Web Client 1 Camera

Web Client PTZ Control Web Client Playback

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