Skyway Video Capture Boards

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Thanks to new technology DVR (Digital Video Recording) can be a complete solution for your state of the art surveillance needs. Turn your own computer into a commercial grade security camera system. The DVR card integrates a color quad processor, motion sensors, multiplexer, pan & tilt, cctv monitor, and time lapse recorder without the need for separate components.

Remote access is available to view live streaming video or images from any other computer and print still frames from the recorded images. Access all video security cameras remotely anywhere in the world with another computer.

Our video capture cards offer remote operation from the internet or modem to modem. Comes as a PCI card ready for your computer. Use any security cameras of your choice: color, black and white, wired or wireless security cameras.

Our Software Package Includes:

  • E-mail notification on alarm
  • SRT (Smart Recording Technology: more frames for motion detected security cameras)
  • Digital Watermark
  • Configure of Camera for its name, sensitivity, video quality, alarm, mask area
  • Zoom-in/zoom out of Security Camera field of vision
  • security camera can apply either Motion-Detection or round the clock recording
  • Support sophisticated schedule monitoring
  • Playback with several speed support and Zoom in/Zoom out
  • Recyclable override of hard disk space on FIFO (First-In-First-Out) sequence
  • Recorded video files can be backup to CR-R, MO or ZIP
  • Recorded video files can be stored In local PC with multiple disks installed
  • Recorded video files can be stored in network file servers
  • Support single frame/event prints with date/time and save as evidence
  • Support single frame image processes and prints out in full-page size
  • Allows remote monitoring through external modem, TCP/IP, IPX or IP Multicast
  • Send message to pager or pre-recorded .AV file to telephone
  • Built-in HTTP Web server
  • Remote Playback from IP, modem and web cam
  • Allows remote monitoring and playback with Web browser (MS IE, Netscape Navigator)
  • Remote Control of Speed Dome Security Camera
  • Zoom in/Zoom out support in the remote site and more

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