Video Cameras secure any indoor space
Video Cameras secure any indoor space.
Video Cameras secure any indoor space.

September 5, 2002 08:15 - Spyder? CCTV Video Cameras feature invisible mounts and tough shell. They have no exterior movable parts, so camera angles and views remain consistent and safe from tampering. Cameras are small and fit against walls and ceilings, with largest model measuring 4 x 6 in. Seven-model line comes in 1-, 2-, or 3-view configurations for use in rooms, intersecting T corridors, hallways, and elevators.

Sperry West Announces Worldwide Availability of the Tough, Little, Blue Cameras - Spyder? CCTV Video Cameras

August 14, 2002 - San Diego, CA - Sperry West, manufacturer of innovative video surveillance products, announces the worldwide availability of the seven model Spyder? CCTV Video Camera line - the tough, little, blue cameras. (Photo:

"The Spyder CCTV cameras are unique to any product currently on the market," says Barry Levine, Vice President of Business Development at Sperry West. "We've taken the classic dome and modernized it with color and shape to suit today's interiors. In addition, we added security enhancing features like invisible mounts, and a tough-as-nails shell that can withstand even a steel-head hammer smack."

The unique mountless cameras have no exterior movable parts, so camera angles and views remain consistent and safe from tampering. The cameras are small and fit securely against walls and ceilings, and inside and outside corners, with the largest camera measuring just 4x6 inches. Spyder CCTV Video cameras secure any indoor space without detracting from the interior design of the environment.

When a single camera can do the work of three, installation becomes quick and economical with less equipment to buy, maintain and install. Installation is quicker and easier than standard arm or dome cameras, because fewer cameras do the job of many. The seven model line comes in one-, two-, or three-view configurations for use in rooms, intersecting "T" corridors, hallways, and even elevators.

The euro-styling design and electric blue color, make the Spyder CCTV camera visible, but in consumer studies, was less intimidating to non-threatening patrons than its dome and arm camera counterparts. "We aimed to solve a major problem in the video surveillance field - protecting assets and people while not disrupting the interior or the patrons," comments Levine. "By
designing the cameras with today's modern architecture in mind, we were able to engineer a camera that is efficient and looks great almost anywhere. We're very excited about the inside corner model. Its compact size and corner mount make it perfect for use in elevators, and the ultra wide-angle lens allows the viewer to see a complete picture of the entrance way and the
interior, while only using 4 1/2 inches of space in a corner."

Spyder CCTV Video Cameras are available in color and black and white configurations, and high or superior resolution. A variety of lens sizes are also available, including varifocal. The
complete line of cameras is now available worldwide through select, reputable security dealers and distributors. Security professionals can contact a Sperry West dealer or distributor near them by calling (858) 551-2000 or by e-mailing Sperry West at

About Sperry West

Located in San Diego, California, Sperry West manufacturers innovative video surveillance cameras and kits for the industrial, commercial and government security professional. High-quality cameras and unique product design elements set the company apart from other video manufacturers, making Sperry West a leading provider of superior visual documentation through
technologically advanced products and high level customer service.

Valarie Swanson Marketing Manager
Phone: 858-551-2000

Company Information:
Name: Sperry West Inc.
Address: 7242 Romero Drive
City: La Jolla
State: CA
ZIP: 92037
Country: USA
Phone: 858-551-2000
FAX: 858-551-2004

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