Utah Cops Eye Security Video


Mark and Lori Hacking (Photo: AP/Soares and Hacking Family)


Mark Hacking, on monitor at left, appears in court during his initial court appearance, via a video feed from the county jail, Tuesday morning.  (Photo: AP)


Salt Lake County District Attorney David Yocom, left, files charges of first-degree murder against Mark Hacking. (Photo: AP)


(AP) Police are reviewing security-camera images from a hospital where they believe Mark Hacking dumped his wife's body in a trash container, a technology executive said Wednesday.

Hacking has been charged with murder, accused of shooting his wife after an argument provoked by her discovery that he had been lying about his college education and plans to enroll at a medical school. Prosecutors filed court documents detailing Hacking's confession to the slaying, made to his brothers when they visited him in a psychiatric ward.

With help from the security-camera company FutureTech, investigators have started reviewing images taken by 16 motion-triggered video cameras at and around the University of Utah Neuropsychiatric Institute, where Hacking worked as an orderly.

Justin Harryman, a vice president of FutureTech, said it took police three hours to methodically review images from just one of the cameras.

"It's hard to say if it's him," said Harryman, who refused to elaborate.

It was not immediately known what the person on tape was seen doing. Police did not immediately return calls seeking comment.

The body of Lori Hacking, 27, a stockbroker's assistant, is believed buried under tons of trash at a county landfill.

Her family placed an obituary in both Salt Lake City daily newspapers Wednesda,y saying she "slipped into eternity" July 19. A memorial service is scheduled Saturday.

The obituary describes Mark Hacking as Lori's high school sweetheart. The couple were married Aug. 7, 1999.

Hacking, 28, told his brothers he shot Lori in the head as she lay sleeping, then put the body and a .22-caliber firearm in separate trash bins AT about 2 a.m. July 19, according to court documents.

He disposed of a mattress in another trash bin at a church, according to the documents. Police found the mattress but they lack Lori's body, the murder weapon, bed sheets and the mattress pillow top, which was cut off and may have been used to wrap the body.

Detectives discovered Lori's car keys and wallet in a purse at her apartment, even though her husband said she had driven her car to a city park for an early morning jog.

Her car was found at the park, and police said the driver's seat and mirrors had been adjusted for a large man. Lori Hacking, 5-foot-3 and barely 115 pounds, couldn't have reached the pedals or steering wheel in that seating position, the documents say.

Police also said that after Hacking reported his wife missing, he went to a store across town and bought a new mattress before going to the park to look for her.

"The police from Day One suspected Mark and have conducted their investigation as though he was the prime suspect," said Greg Skordas, a Salt Lake defense lawyer and former chief deputy district attorney.

Authorities believe Lori Hacking was killed after confronting her husband over his deceptions about his college education and plans to become a doctor. The couple were packing for medical school where, she had apparently just discovered, he wasn't enrolled.

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