Use Your X10 System to Control Low-Voltage Devices!

  • Unlock the door for your kids without getting out of your seat
  • Keep your lawn green and healthy with automatic sprinkler control
  • Close the garage door without stepping outside

    Experience the ultimate in convenience with X10 control of low-voltage devices like sprinkler valves, door strikes, garage door openers, thermostats and more! Depending on your application, the X10 Universal Module can close a contact momentarily when an ON signal is sent, or indefinitely until an OFF signal is sent. It can even beep when responding to signals, if you choose. Rated for 5A, 24VDC (15A, 120VAC if properly insulated). Responds to ALL OFF command.

    Important Note: Please use common sense and safety precautions when automating garage door openers and other machinery. Although most garage door openers have built-in safety features, like IR beams or automatic reverse when something blocks its path, operating one that's not within your line of sight may cause property damage, bodily harm or worse.

    Other items that may be controlled by the X10 Universal Module include:
    Garage door openers, thermostats, electric door strikes, speakers, watering systems, telephones, drapery controls, HVAC dampers, window openers, security devices, electronic ignition fireplaces, signaling devices and more.


    X10 Pro Product No.:
    UM506 or PUM01