Turn Any Electrical Outlet Into a Home Network Port!
  • Installs in seconds no software or experience required
  • Extend high-speed Internet connections to any outlet in the house
  • Share data files, printers or play interactive games between PCs in different rooms
  • 56-bit DES encryption/decryption guarantees total security and privacy Why go through the trouble of running home network cables throughout your house when you can create a home network instantly over wiring that's already in your walls? Getting started is easy with the NeverWire 14 Powerline Ethernet Bridge, an advanced system that uses existing electrical wiring to transfer digital data signals between Ethernet devices. This plug-and-play device turns any electrical outlet into a home network port in just seconds, giving you the flexibility of connecting computers or laptops anywhere in the house with uninterrupted access to broadband Internet connections (i.e. cable modem, DSL, etc.) or peripheral devices (i.e. printers, hard drives, scanners, etc.).

    But the NeverWire 14 system isn't only convenient. It's also incredibly fast, offering high-speed, 14Mbps connectivity. This feature makes it ideal for Internet surfing, streaming audio/video applications or playing interactive computer games between two or more household computers. The system is also extremely safe, thanks to optional 56-bit DES encryption/decryption process that ensures total security and privacy.

    Note: The package described here contains one NeverWire 14 unit. A minimum of two NeverWire 14 units is required to create a network. Up to 16 units can be networked together, depending on your home's layout and the complexity of your system. Each NeverWire 14 unit comes with a power cord and an RJ-45 cable.