Tranwo Tranwo 3252 Indoor Black and White Night Vision Camera with Portable Monitor digita
Tranwo 3252 Indoor Black and White Night Vision Camera with Portable Monitor ˇę109.95 (inc VAT and FREE delivery)

New stylish compact Black and White camera and 5.5 inch fully portable monitor makes this the ideal solution for all indoor surveillance situations

Instant indoor monitoring system
Black & White with infra-red Night Vision
Built in microphone for crystal clear sound
The two-piece design camera lens body offers flexible adjustment of rotating angle and keeps the lens steady
Integrated Monitor and Receiver with a 5.5 inch screen
VCR connection for recording or playback
Camera and Monitor are fully portable ?mains or battery powered
Add up to a total of 3 cameras (outdoor and/or indoor)
Automatic multi camera switching mode
Camera transmits wirelessly up to 100 metres line of sight or up to 30 metres through walls etc
Very easy and quick to set up and use. No expensive installation or unsightly wires

    Fantastic For:

    * Home security * Baby monitoring * Shop security * School security * Theft prevention * Office monitoring *

    You can’t get a better or simpler monitoring system than this! This system is perfect for home security, monitoring your children or baby, shop security and all other indoor monitoring requirements. You can even add outdoor cameras.

    The Wireless Camera

    The Black & White “Night Vision?wireless camera provides you with a fantastically clear picture of what is going on. Eight infra-red LED provide clear night vision pictures. The built-in microphone allows you to hear everything perfectly as well. The new sleek designed camera can be free standing or wall mounted. The Camera lens is fully adjustable to get the perfect viewing angle. The camera can operate on mains or batteries (not included) so it can be relocated quickly and easily. You can add up to a total of 3 outdoor or indoor cameras to this great monitoring system.

    Integrated Monitor and Receiver

    The 5.5 inch screen on the integrated monitor/receiver is big enough to get a great picture, but small enough to be easily moved around. You can automatically switch between up to a total 3 cameras. The video picture signal can be turned off for purely Audio monitoring if required.

    Wireless Transmission

    The camera transmits crystal clear video and sound on the 2.4 Ghz frequency to the Receiver. No wires, no installation, no hassle! Wireless transmission range is up to 100 metres line of sight or up to 30 metres through walls etc.

    Add More Cameras!

    Want to keep an eye on everything that is going on? You can watch up to a total of 3 cameras with this system. Choose from the following additional indoor and outdoor cameras for a complete total surveillance kit

    for only ?9.95 each
    for only ?4.95
    for only ?9.95
    for only ?9.95

    Additional Receiver

    To be able to record video footage to a VCR and at the same time be still able to move your portable monitor from room to room keeping a watchful eye on everything is very simple. Just add the for only ?4.95 (inc VAT) to your CCTV system. It can be permanently plugged into your video or TV and will pick up the same camera signal as your portable monitor to allow you to view pictures on full screen TV or record directly to your VCR at any time.

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