Tranwo IView 4 Camera DVR 400A with Motion Detection and USB Computer Back up digital came
IView 4 Camera DVR 400A with Motion Detection and USB Computer Back up 399.95 (inc VAT and FREE delivery)

The DVR400A has built in video motion detection recording and USB port for easy back up of footage.

It is ideal for replacing your existing video based CCTV system with its easy to use digital recording system.

Simultaneous, real time digital recording from up to 4 cameras
Record continuously or on software motion detection
Time and date stamps all footage
Connect to any TV or monitor
Record up to 6 months continuously
Records up to 25 frames per second across all cameras (6.25fps per camera)
120GB hard drive included
Employs proprietery compression format (H263+)
Easy installation with plug and play connection
Professional quality recording with variable recording time solutions
Connect the DVR to the Monitor and VCR or connect a recording device via a USB port to get footage off.
Fully complies with the Data Protection Act.

Motion Detection
Record only when something is happening. Extend the recording time of your DVR by selecting the motion detection recording feature - whichever camera detects movement will be recorded - even if multiple cameras are activated!

Download of Video Footage
The DVR400A system gives you the option of downloading video footage via a standard VCR or PC using the USB link and software. This output to PC is great for easy back up of your video footage and means that you can then transfer data to CD or DVD depending on your PC system.

Connect to your TV
Simply connect the DVR to your TV`s video input via a BNC to SCART lead and you will see the cameras displayed.

Connect your cameras
The DVR can support up to 4 cameras - connect the video signal cable from the camera to the DVR and plug the camera into the mains - simple!

Recording Times:
Factory default setting is 25 frames per second per camera. The higher the record frame rate is, the more natural the footage will look when played back. The lower the record frame rate is, the more footage you can fit on the hard drive. You can set record rates from 25fps down to 1fps. You can also set the video quality level to either high, normal or basic and set the fps rate depending on how long you want to record for. Some examples of recording times are as follows:

Record over the weekend!
4 cameras, high quality at 25 fps = 57hrs.
Capture the entire week!
4 cameras, basic quality at 18fps = 180hrs
Continuous record for 3 months
4 cameras, basic quality at 1 fps = 2250 hours

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