Transmitter sends video signals from security cameras
Transmitter sends video signals from security cameras.
Transmitter sends video signals from security cameras.

November 14, 2001 12:26 - BNC-TX wireless transmitter module attaches directly to BNC video output of almost all security cameras, transmits on 2.4 GHz frequency, delivers clear crisp video for 500 ft, and eliminates need for long runs of coax. It measures 63 x 32 x 28 mm. Module has 4 selectable frequencies so up to 4 separate cameras can be used in same area without interference. Power adapter lets 12 Vdc camera and module run off same transformer.

BNC - TX 2.4GHz Wireless Transmitter

Polaris Industries announces the release of the BNC - TX wireless transmitter module. This unit will forever change the way you see wireless security. Measuring only 63 x 32 x 28mm, the BNC transmitter attaches directly to the BNC video output of almost all security cameras on the market today. This unit will eliminate the need for long runs of coax in areas where hard wiring is not possible. The BNC - TX transmits on the 2.4GHz frequency delivering clear crisp video across 500 feet. This unit also has four selectable frequencies so that up to four separate cameras can be used in the same area without interference. Forget the need for separate transmitter modules that require separate wiring. The BNC - TX comes complete with a Y - adapter for power so that any 12V DC camera and the module can be run off of the same transformer. Jonah Lowry, sales associate for Polaris states, "This unit is unbelievably small, yet powerful enough to deliver a clear picture across several rooms." This product is in stock and ready for shipment from Polaris Industries Inc., Atlanta, GA for only $109.95.

Jonah Lowry Promotions Director
Phone: (800) 752-3571, ext.39
FAX: (404) 872-1038

Company Information:
Name: Polaris Industries, Inc.
Address: 470-T Armour Dr. N.E.
City: Atlanta
State: GA
ZIP: 30324-3943
Country: USA
Phone: 404-872-0722

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