Transmit Audio/Video Signals to Other Rooms Without Wires!

  • Monitor your sleeping baby or elderly family members using your existing camcorder
  • See who's outside your door on TV through a surveillance camera
  • Uses 2.4GHz band for superior signal quality and greater range
  • Built for the rigors of the gaming environment, this system handles common home entertainment A/V signals with ease
  • Installs in minutes!

    Send stereo audio/video signals to TVs, PCs, stereos or video game systems up to 300 feet away without running wires! This system, which installs in minutes, can be used to transmit images from such sources as cable TV, DVD players, VCRs, camcorders, video game systems and more! Use it for multi-room access to pay-per-view movies, premium cable channels or satellite receivers. You can also use it for a number of security applications, including quick and easy surveillance monitoring of babies, pool areas or elderly family members using CCD video cameras or your existing camcorder!

    The transmitter accepts baseband audio/video signals (RCA jacks), which are then transmitted to the receiver. The receiver accepts the baseband audio/signals and outputs them to the monitoring device (TV, PC or stereo) using RCA jacks. This system uses the 2.4GHz band, avoiding the crowded 900MHz band that most cordless phones and other wireless devices commonly use, ensuring superior signal quality and greater range.

    This system operates on one of four different selectable channels. Each kit contains a wireless transmitter and receiver, two AC power adapters, 2 double-ended RCA cables (left audio, right audio & video).

    Note: In a multi-gaming environment where more than one Wireless Video Transmission system is being used simultaneously, the wireless signal can be reduced to 30 feet.


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    1.82 lbs.

  • 2.4GHz Wireless Video Transmission System

  • Transmitter

  • Receiver

  • 2 AC adapters

  • 2 RCA cables