Times are a Changing

“Times are a changing” is what my grandfather says when he can't get a grasp on the technology changes in his everyday life. Ok, he is ninety years old and has never even owned a computer or IP camera but I believe this quote sums up the CCTV industry right now. The Internet Protocol security cameras that have come into the marketplace during the last year have been greatly improved over last years models, both in functionality and quality.

Ip cameras are all the rage within our industry and the IT community too right now. The compression rates are getting better and the prices are coming down to where the IP cameras are beginning to become main stream. I have even heard, in the background, some of the larger manufacturers are making the move to have their entire product lines fully digital by the end of this year.

More really good news is that the software manufactures are writing code to record just about any IP Camera on the market. They are trying to capitalize on the ability to service and record any IP camera and create an open platform for recording them. This will surely make IP Camera prices come down, as a end user will not be stuck with staying with just a single manufacturers camera within their system.

Just lately an independent poll shows that IP Cameras are the upswing of sales, but an area of concern is of the installers knowledge of how to correctly get these cameras on the network and troubleshoot them is way behind. The network knowledge seems to be lacking here. The question I pose now is “ Is our industry making moves that will technically out pace our installers or are the installers just not being trained to stay on top, technically as they should be? If it’s the later, what can we do as an Industry to better train the individuals that are on the front lines? Hopefully the integrators and installation companies see these critical changes too and are ramping up IP network training for their installers. I believe that there is now a real need of people and training companies to become a full time part of our industry as there will be more and more training services offered to the install companies.

What a better time than the present to be personally involved with the CCTV industry during this change.

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