Time of Day and Personal Messages Appear to Float in Front of You
  • Program up to four custom messages to appear on the dates you choose
  • Surprise friends or family with a seemingly suspended "Happy Birthday" sign
  • Enjoy numerous effects like scrolls, random dots, curtains, mirrors, etc. You'll hardly believe your eyes when you see the Fantazein Magic Clock a distinctive clock and messaging device with a display that appears to be suspended in midair. The Fantazein Magic Clock's stunning display is the result of a rapidly oscillating wand with tiny LED lights at the tip. As the wand whips through space, the LEDs shimmer at megahertz speed, so that you see their light, but cannot see the wand. The result: All you see is a complete image magically suspended in midair! Adding to the mystique are cool effects that make the messages appear to flip, scroll, fade, grow, and crumble in all different directions.

    Whisper Quiet Operation
    Altogether, this precision-crafted, patented timepiece is a clever fusion of several technologies, including light, magnetism, electronics, motion, and computer software. The Fantazein Magic Clock's display is visible continuously, without human intervention, so you won't have to remember to turn it on or off. In addition, the clock is whisper quiet, so you'll barely even hear that it's running.

    Easy to Program
    The door on the front of the Fantazein Magic Clock slides up to uncover the 5-button keypad. It's easy to enter your own messages through the self-prompting menu. You may schedule each message for a specific date up to 1 year in advance or chose to have them appear daily. Up to 4 messages using a total of 200 characters can be entered. Messages may be reprogrammed as often as desired.

    Battery Backup Retains Time During Power Failures
    Although the Fantazein Magic Clock is powered by AC power, it accepts three AAA batteries to maintain the time in the event of a power failure. Neither the batteries, nor power, is needed to retain messages. Other features include a built-in keypad for programming custom messages, automatic daylight savings adjustment, worldwide electrical compatibility.