Time for a new Black Power movement
African Americans were appalled but not surprised by the terrorist attack, says author Walter Mosley. They understand the anger of America's enemies, which is why they should be the ones to lead a new movement for peace

Sean O'Hagan
Sunday August 18, 2002
The Observer

Walter Mosley, crime writer, essayist, activist and, famously, Bill Clinton's favourite novelist, is holding court in his bright and spacious apartment on West 14th Street in New York. 'Most black people in America were not surprised by 11 September,' he tells me, his defiant tone suggesting that he knows this is not a popular opinion.

'I haven't met one black person who was surprised. Like everyone else, they were shocked by the magnitude of it, and appalled by the deaths, but they weren't surprised by the hate and anger that produced it. Black Americans are ver

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