TiVo Series2 80 Hour Digital Video Recorder - Security Camera User Rating
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Description:The TiVo Series2 DVR comes with two USB expansion ports that let you view your digital photos, enjoy digital music and more on your TV. No more mystery tapes. All your favorite shows are neatly labeled and ready for viewing. Dozens of video.Reviewed by: plipton from ID on Sep 9, 2004

Experience: 30 Days

Strengths: It works! This is a sophisticated hardware and software package that will enhance your television viewing

Weaknesses: Placement of channel changing sensors is critical. Setup is complicated and takes about a hour.

Summary: Without TiVo you do not know why you need it. Once you have the service, you do not know how you lived without it. My wife hates television but loves watching her favorite programs that air at times when she is not around. We giggled the first time we fast forwarded through the commercials. Programs are a lot more enjoyable without the relentless commercials.

The TiVo service is a powerful way to find the programs you want to see and record them. I had to spend a little time learning how to use all the features provided. It was worth the effort when, a few days later, my viewing choices began filling up with shows that I would otherwise have missed. Now I have TV I want to see, not just TV that is playing right now.

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