This Color Dome Cam Sees in the Dark!

  • Weatherproof camera provides color and black & white images
  • Automatic switching; you won't have to press buttons or flip switches

    Disappointed by color dome cameras that work brilliantly by day, but barely detect a picture at night? Then check out the Day/Night Armor Dome Camera, an incredible system that performs superbly as both a color camera in well-lit applications AND a black & white camera in low-light situations. If necessary, the camera will activate its 12 integrated infrared illuminators that allow the camera to capture images even in complete darkness (20-foot range).

    Until now, the only way to fully cover these diverse needs was to buy and install two cameras, not to mention a complicated switching system. But the Day/Night Armor Dome Camera does the job of all three of those elements, automatically switching from color to black & white based on the amount of available light; low light triggers the infrared LEDs to activate. And since you won't have to remember to press a button or flip a switch, the camera will perform perfectly 24/7, with absolutely no human interaction.

    Measuring 4.5" in diameter and 3.25" high, the camera is designed for mounting discreetly onto the ceiling; all mounting hardware is included. This elegant yet rugged armor dome can withstand virtually any attempt to disable it. Fitted with a short BNC fitting for connection to your video system (coax cable sold separately), a female power plug for the included 12VDC adapter, the Day/Night Color Armor Dome also comes with two bare conductors for connections to another 24VAC power source, if needed.


    Securetek Product No.:

    4.6" diameter x 3.3" high

    Picture Output:
    Color or black & white

    Image Pickup Device:
    1/4" CCD

    Number of Pixels:
    542h x 496v (268,800 Pixels)

    380 Lines

    Minimum Illumination:
    1.0 Lux in color mode, 0 Lux in BW mode

    4.3 mm, 61 deg. field of view

    Video Output Connector:

    Power Requirements:
    12 VDC at 270mA (with Ir on) or 24 Volts AC

    Operating Temperature:
    -4F to 122F

    1 year, limited

    • Infrared color armor dome camera with video out and power in

    • Mounting hardware

    • 12VDC adapter

    • Instruction manual