The Ultimate in Surveillance Monitoring Flexibility!

  • You'll be able to see almost any part of the room and still make out fine details
  • Manual or automatic operation for the ultimate in flexibility
  • Visible scanning acts as a strong deterrent against theft or crime

    A critical part of protecting a home or business with a surveillance camera system is choosing the type of coverage you want. Do you prefer wide-angle cameras that can capture the entire room, but show little detail? Or would you rather have a camera that sees the details, but with a very narrow field of vision? Well now you can get the best of both worlds with our Motorized Pan/Tilt Camera Mount System!

    Because the Motorized Pan/Tilt Camera Mount System works with any black & white or color video camera, you'll be able to use a detail-oriented camera and still be able to aim it anywhere in the room or surveillance area. If you plan on using the cameras in areas where there may be criminal activity especially if it's going to be used as evidence for a conviction capturing fine details is a must. Furthermore, since the panning and tilting function is visible, the system acts as a visual deterrent against theft, vandalism and other wrongdoing.

    Manual or Automatic Operation
    Depending on your needs, the Motorized Pan/Tilt Camera Mount System offers two modes of operation: manual or automatic. In manual mode, the person monitoring the camera can control the direction of the camera by pressing the four directional buttons on the face of the controller (pan left/right within 350 and tilt up/down within +/- 90). In automatic mode, the camera mount smoothly pans back and forth between two set-points of your choice up to 350 (Note: the tilt function is de-activated in automatic mode). In either mode, the camera moves at a smooth rate of 6 per second.

    Designed With Ease of Installation
    Consisting of two basic parts a desktop controller and the motorized camera mount the system offers several features to simplify installation. For example, a BNC video output on the fixed portion of the motorized camera mount and a coiled lead extending from the movable portion will prevent the unit from getting caught on the video cable. And only the desktop controller has to be plugged into a standard 120V outlet; the motorized camera mount draws power directly from the included control cable.

    The system also comes with male and female terminal connections in case you want to create a custom-length control cable. To create this cable, you'll need 18- to 20-gauge low-voltage cable with at least six conductors, like our 7-Conductor 18-/20-Gauge Thermostat Cable.

    Note: The desktop controller and motorized camera mount are both required to operate the system (order #7742 if you're buying this system for the first-time, which contains (1) #7742P and (1) #7742C). Replacement parts are also available separately (#7742P and #7742C). Wall mounting bracket (#7742WM) and camera sold separately. Indoor use only.


    EverTec Product No.:

    Works with any black & white or color video camera

    Horizontal Angle:

    Tilt Angle:
    +/- 90

    Rate of Movement:

  • Motorized Pan/Tilt Camera Mount System

  • Wall-Mount Bracket

  • Controller

  • Camera Mount

  • Terminal connections