The Total Home Manager
  • Control all your home systems from a single point of access
  • They work with a variety of systems, including our popular HAI controllers
  • More interactive than keypads and more convenient than PC control
  • Available for in-wall or hand-held applications Why have separate systems to control thermostats, adjust lighting or monitor your alarm system? With CorAccess Companion 6 touchscreen interfaces, you can do all this and more from a single, wall-mounted control station that works from anywhere in the home. You can also use the touchscreens to keep an eye on security cameras, listen to Internet radio stations, or even check your online stock portfolio. And unlike touchscreen controllers built for specific applications, these can work with many different systems, including our popular line of .

    In addition, CorAccess touchscreens add enhancements like easy access to networked camera monitoring, digital photo screen savers, streaming music players and enhanced communication services. These features are all easily accessible thanks to bright, full-color screens, complete with Flash-based graphics so homeowners can experience complete interaction.

    Easy Set-Up and Installation
    CorAccess touchscreens have been specifically designed for ease of installation and set-up. For example, when used with HAI Systems, the touchscreens receive all of the necessary information directly from the Omni panel. The process is virtually a plug-and-play operation. And if you're planning to have multiple touchscreens throughout the house, only one requires a connection to the control panel. All others can simply be placed on the home Ethernet network as many as you want. In addition, no PC or server is required on the system.

    Replaces Security System Keypads
    CorAccess touchscreens come with the triple award-winning AutoMate? security system interface designed for multiple systems, including HAI Systems. This allows the touchscreen to replace keypads and provide the ability to arm and disarm alarm systems, adjust heating and air conditioning and control lights and appliances, and more.

    Monitor Surveillance Cameras
    You can use the built-in PhotoMate? functions to monitor up to four surveillance cameras, or display any other information or image that can be accessed by broadband, like area traffic cameras in your region (to check road conditions before heading to work). You can also post family photos. Images can be shown individually, tiled for multi-image displays, or set to scroll.

    Access Internet Radio Stations
    An optional AudioMate? application can be downloaded to add Internet radio access to the system, as well as manage and play digitally stored music.

    For In-Wall Installations: The Companion 6 HomeManager (#1205)

    For in-wall use, we offer the Companion 6 HomeManager, which offers homeowners an affordable single point of access to all home systems, including media, environment, security, lighting, audio/video control and communication all at the touch of a fingertip on this simple and stylish interface. This robust in-wall IP-based touchscreen can be placed at the front door, hallway, kitchen, theater or anywhere you need convenient access to home services.

    The Companion 6 HomeManager offers one-touch buttons for instant access to favorite tasks, like dimming the lights, checking security cameras, or turning on the spa and music. The touchscreen's plug-and-play interoperability with home systems offers unparalleled capability right out of the box.


    • Pentium class high-yield Geode processor

    • Brilliant 5.7" TFT active matrix LCD touchscreen (320 x 240 QVGA resolution, 16 million colors)

    • Status indicators for arm, disarm and power

    • Five programmable buttons (preset to: Stay, Away, All On, All Off, Photo)

    • Full 16-bit built-in speaker and microphone

    • Quiet and reliable operation (no fans)

    • Optional pre/post drywall mounting box

    • Optional embedded 802.11b 2.4GHz wireless RF card

    • Dimensions: 5" (H) x 10" (W) x 2" (D)

    Pre-Wire Requirements:

    • Master: 1 Cat. 5 + 16-2 or 18-2 power

    • Master with HAI: 2 Cat. 5 + power

    • Clients: 1 Cat. 5 + power

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