The Perfect Wireless Camera for Outdoor, Nighttime Surveillance!
  • Send high-resolution black & white video to any TV or VCR within a 200-ft. range
  • Built-in IR illuminators provide zero-lux imaging
  • Weatherproof enclosure ensures reliable operation in any environment
  • 380 lines of resolution at 0.1 lux Enjoy the flexibility of wireless video transmission, zero-lux imaging and water-resistant construction with Weatherproof Wireless IR Cameras -- black & white security cameras that combine three great features into one compact unit. Perfect for outdoor surveillance applications where you can't run cables, these cameras use high frequency radio signals to send real-time high-resolution video to your TV or VCR from as far away as 200 feet!

    In addition to their wireless transmission abilities, the cameras also feature zero-lux illumination thanks to the six IR illuminators built around the lens. These built-in illuminators ensure high-quality monochrome images in total darkness from as far away as 10 feet! Plus, with its rugged all-weather waterproof enclosure, the camera ensures reliable operation in just about any environment!

    Weatherproof Wireless IR Cameras are available in two versions. The 900MHz model offers superb clarity and outstanding signal strength -- perfect for areas prone to interference. It sends signals to a dedicated receiver designed to enhance signal quality. Two different receivers are available (each sold separately).The 7647F is a standalone receiver, which can be connected the audio and video inputs of a TV for direct viewing or to a VCR for surveillance taping. The 7647H is a combination 900MHz receiver and 7" black and white monitor all in one unit. Additionally, it has output jacks to send its signal to a VCR for surveillance taping. Both receivers include AC to DC power adapters.

    For truly portable and wireless surveillance, the 434MHz model sends signals directly to cable channel 59 on any TV or VCR with a standard VHF antenna. No dedicated receiver is necessary! Just set your TV or VCR to the cable mode, tune to channel 59, and you'll be able to monitor or tape live video images from up to 200 feet away.

    The camera is powered by an AC to DC adapter (not included).

    Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regulations state that users acquire an amateur radio license to operate this unit within the U.S.


    Picture Output
    Black and White

    Image Pickup Device
    1/3" CCD

    Number of Pixels
    512h x 492v (252K Pixels)

    380 Lines

    Minimum Illumination
    .1 Lux (0 Lux within 10 feet)

    3.6mm, 72 deg. Horizontal field of view


    Cable Length
    Power cable: 70 inches

    Mounting Bracket
    3" Metal Bracket included

    Power Requirements
    9 VDC at 122mA

    Power Supply
    9 VDC, 200ma use 7573PS9

    Frequency Range
    900MHz or 433MHz

    Operating Temperature
    +14F to 130F

    Dimensions (inches)
    1.4" diameter x 2.04" long

    1 year