The Most Affordable Wireless Home Security System Around!
Cameras are an excellent way to protect your home. If you want additional protection, may we suggest our extremely popular Protector Plus Voice Dialer wireless home security system. It's a wireless home security system you can set up yourself and doesn't require the additional cost of monthly monitoring fees. When triggered, the Protector Plus Voice Dialer wireless home security system sounds a screaming siren, flashes lights and automatically phones 4 pre-set numbers to provide your home & family with maximum protection.
  • Works 3 Ways: Screaming siren, flashing lights & emergency dialer!
  • 16-zone security with Motion, Door & Window sensors.
  • No False Alarms, No Monthly Fees, Easy Install
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Home Security System calls you! Unbeatable 3-Way Protection
When the Protector Plus Voice Dialer is triggered by door or window sensor, motion detector or panic button, it sounds a powerful 85dB siren, flashes lights, and calls 4 phone numbers ? be it your own cell or work phone, your family, neighbors or friends. It then plays a ?security alert message? (that you?ve recorded). If the first number doesn?t answer, it phones the next, and so on ? and it?s not fooled by answering machines. Once someone is reached, they can listen in to your house directly through the Protector Plus Voice Dialer.

No Monthly Monitoring Fees
With the Protector Plus Voice Dialer, you will never pay a hefty monthly monitoring fee ? and you still receive great protection and home security.

Rapid Emergency Response
Instead of a costly monitoring company calling the police, the person receiving the call is notified immediately and can call the police. Practical and highly effective home security ? what a novel concept.

Avoid Costly False Alarms
When the voice dialer calls, the person receiving the call can listen directly through the Protector Plus Voice Dialer to discover if it?s a false alarm instantly. That means no unneeded police and no additional false alarm costs.

Wireless State-of-the-Art 16-Zone Security
It?s wireless and it?s cool. It?s also extremely easy to install ? no new wiring of your home & no security technician is needed. It allows for complete home security with 16-zone coverage of your house ? through the wireless motion, door & window sensors. The screaming siren, flashing lights and voice-dialer adds that extra protection that you?ll want for your home and family.

Protection While Home and Away
It allows for the normal armed-protection for when you?re away, but also for when you?re in your house. In the home mode, the motion detectors are turned off while the door and window sensors remain active. Thus, you can walk around your house and still be protected at all times.

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