The Easiest Way to Build a Home Computer Network!
  • Share a printers and exchange files between computers
  • Easily retrieve data from one PC to another
  • Integrates with the popular Leviton Structured Media system Easily share data and peripheral devices from several PCs in your home with this 100/10BaseT Network Hub. Print a document at the home office printer from the computer upstairs. Back up your financial files from the PC in the family room on the Zip Drive in the bedroom. Download MP3s in the game room while your spouse simultaneously surfs the Web in the home office. You can even connect the laptop computer you use at work to your home network simply by plugging it into any data wall jack. The possibilities are endless!

    Just run cable from your desired locations to the Category 5 Voice and Data Module(s) in the Leviton Structured Media Panels (#865102, #865103, #865105, #865104) or standalone unit (#865107). Then use Category 5 patch cords (#865140 or #865141) to connect the module to the 100/10BaseT Network Hub, and you'll have instant communications between remote locations.

    The hub distributes data to five locations at speeds up to 100Mbps. It offers a broad range of features to ensure data integrity, as well as LED lights to indicate power, link/receive, partition and collision status. Additional hubs can be cascaded to provide a more network stations.