The Best Camera for Your Money!
  • Superior performance with an affordable price tag
  • Get sharp, crisp video images from this compact camera
  • Interchangeable lens capability provides a variety of surveillance options
  • Operates on 24VAC power
  • New model with Audio (7680D)
    Looking for superior-quality, high-resolution surveillance cameras with an affordable price tag? Look no further! These C-mount cameras are ranked among the best in the market, outperforming other cameras in the price range. With sharp, super-crisp images and durable construction, these cameras pack a lot of punch. In fact, the only thing more phenomenal than their performance is their unbelievable price!

    High-Resolution Ratings for Optimum Surveillance Monitoring
    Available in black & white or color, these maintenance-free cameras feature BNC coaxial cable connectors and operate on 24VAC power (power transformer not included.) All models offer a 4-pin auto iris lens output, a lens drive signal selector (video or DC) and level and vertical phase. Choose from the following models:

  • B&W C-Mount Camera (#7680A) This camera has a 430-line resolution and a .03 lux rating.

  • B&W C-Mount Camera w/Audio (#7680D) This audio-enabled camera has a 380-line resolution and a .05 lux rating.

  • Color C-Mount Camera (#7682A) This color camera offers a staggering 570-line resolution and a 0.3 lux rating.

    Works With a Variety of Lens Styles
    Because these cameras must be outfitted with any C- or CS-mount lens (sold separately), they offer exceptional flexibility, empowering you to make choices that best suit the surveillance location. Choose one of the following lenses, or any combination of lenses for interchangeable surveillance needs using the same camera:

    • Ultra Wide Angle Lens (#7863C)

    • Variable Zoom Lens (#7863D)

    • Wide Angle Lens (#7863E)

    • Extra Wide Angle Lens (#7863H)

    • Telephoto Lens (#7863I)

    • Variable Zoom Lens w/Motorized Iris(#7863K)

    Can be Used Outdoors With Optional Housing
    Designed for indoor use, the cameras can be used outdoors when combined with a (#7521AOH). When used outdoors, we suggest using the Variable Zoom Lens w/Motorized Iris (#7683K) to prevent the picture from being washed out in bright sunlight. Mounting brackets and power accessories sold separately.

    Extend the cable on your new camera easily with this extension kit. Don't waste time soldering or crimping together your own cables or voiding the warranty by splicing in your own wires. Most cameras we carry only have a few feet of cable coming off the camera. This kit includes extensions for the power and the video signals. A coupler cable is included just in case the camera's output cable is the wrong gender! You will also need a BNC to RCA Adapter (7809RB1) to change the camera's video output connector from a BNC fitting to an RCA output. Now, it's easier than ever to mount your new camera just about anywhere you would like. Maximum distance with these cables extension kits is about 300 feet, beyond that you'll need thicker cable (RG-59) for the video signal and (18 awg) power, use # 8529D CCTV Combo Cable.




    Picture Output
    Black & White
    Black & White

    Image Pickup Device
    1/3" CCD

    Number of Pixels
    512(h) x 492(v) = 252K
    768H x 494V=447K
    510(h) x 492(v) = 251K

    430 Lines
    570 Lines
    380 Lines

    .03 Lux
    .3 Lux
    .5 Lux

    CS or C mount, not included


    No, use 7521AOH Enclosure

    Power Supply
    24 VAC, not included
    12-Volts DC, not included

    Mounting Bracket
    Not Included

    Operating Temperature
    +14F to 122F

    Dimensions (inches)
    2.0"h x 2.0"w x 4.75"d
    1.97"h x 2.44"w x 4.25"d

    1 year