Tennessee's Largest Rural Water Utility Calls on Multi-Media Solutions Inc in Plan to Keep Drinking Water Safe from Terrorism


Multi-Media Solutions, Inc. designed and built the display system for the 24/7 Command Center which will monitor the entire system in response to the Department of Homeland Security's concerns about the vulnerability of the public water supply.

ALCOA; BRENTWOOD, TN September 9, 2004 -- The Department of Homeland Security has focused on the safety of our nation's drinking water as an area of concern. Steps must be taken to reduce the vulnerability of our water supply to the threat of terrorism. Multi-Media Solutions, Inc., headquartered in Alcoa with an additional office in Brentwood, is a big part of the steps that Tennessee's largest rural water utility is taking to be prepared, aware, and responsive to situations from Mother Nature's fury to deliberate vandalism, or worse.

When the Consolidated Utility District of Rutherford County, TN, began to pioneer its efforts to ensure the security of the public's drinking water supply against intrusion and contamination, they executed an infrastructure security plan using state-of-the-art technology. The core of the plan was the design and construction of a centralized command center, operating 24/7 to continuously monitor the reservoirs, pump stations, flow meters, pressure zones, storage tanks and distribution lines.

Audio visual system integrators Multi-Media Solutions, Inc. are headquartered in Alcoa, with a Brentwood office headed by George Gates. The MMS team designed and built the display system in the new command center to integrate and display system-wide visuals from surveillance and data, to be visible to personnel on a central video wall with 3 large screens. Maps, data, surveillance camera feeds and more are continuously displayed, including a system-wide map which depicts every reservoir, distribution pipe, valve, pump station, pressure monitoring station, water meter and even service vehicles! Live status data, plus GPS transmissions from the vehicles is updated and displayed, ensuring the ability to respond to system defects, disruptions, damage and potentially threatening incidents quickly and efficiently. The entire system can be monitored, controlled, and coordinated by one person. Any image can be resized, zoomed, and panned for greater detail and focus.

Multi-Media Solutions' years of experience and expertise in cutting-edge technology integration allowed them to rise to the challenge of designing a system that was described by Larry McElroy, General Manager of the Consolidated Utility District, in this way: "The center's innovative display capabilities gives us a quantum leap in preparedness, situational awareness, resource coordination efficiency and response capability.".

Mike White, President of Multi-Media Solutions, Inc. states "The challenge was to integrate a myriad of incoming data and visuals of varying types. The system specifications required true real-time display of all signals, and the ability to manipulate the size and position of these images on the screens."

Multi-Media Solutions, Inc. is a 15 year old design and integration company offering audio visual technology solutions for commercial, industrial, education and government markets. MMS is a member of the national USAV Group consortium, and has recently been awarded a GSA contract for a comprehensive array of audio visual technology and components. MMS's corporate headquarters are in Alcoa, with an additional sales office in Brentwood, TN.

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