TeleEye TeleEye III+ VX Video Transmission, Recording and Remote Viewing for 4 Cameras dig
TeleEye III+ VX Video Transmission, Recording and Remote Viewing for 4 Cameras From 1,255.00 (inc VAT )

The cost effective top quality solution for remote video viewing and recording for four cameras.

Simple solution consisting of a TeleEye box connected via a broadband connection (LAN, Intranet or Internet) or telephone (PSTN, ISDN, mobile) networks and a PC with TeleEye software installed.
Removeable Hard Disk Options - 40GB, 80GB or 160GB.
12.5fps recording rate
Video output for monitor or TV
Unique patented encryption technology
Simultaneous Monitoring, Recording and Playback
Sophisticated Event Management
Handles dynamic IP internet connections
Pan,Tilt and Zoom control
Put the video onto the Web
Simultaneous TCP/IP and dial-up connections to ensure that broadband failure has no impact.
Resolution up to 640x480 pixels
Requires an RJ45 or RS232 modem (USB modem is not compatible)

See a TeleEye System in action over broadband (password = 000000)


Fantastic For:

* Holiday Home security * Home security * Shop security * School security * Theft prevention * Office monitoring *

If you want to transmit and record video footage from a remote location then this is the ideal solution.

Unique patented encryption technology

Unique patented encryption technology compresses files to a far greater extent than MPEG4 allowing quality viewing of images even at lower bandwidths

Simultaneous Monitoring, Recording and Playback

The TeleEye series allows video monitoring, recording and playback simultaneously. Recording can be activated remotely by manual, scheduled and event-driven modes.

Sophisticated Event Management

Event handling is one of the major concerns in the design consideration of TeleEye network CCTV. When the video transmitter is triggered by events like alarm, motion detection, video loss, disk full or system failure, user-predefined actions to deal with different events would be carried out immediately. Actions to be taken include pre- and post- alarm video recording, switch control, dialback and email notification. All details of the events are logged in a sophisticated database.


TeleEye III+ Network CCTV is scalable to build a global video monitoring and recording system from anywhere within TCP/IP networks. It incorporates video surveillance and connects any cameras to an existing LAN which saves users unnecessary cabling and equipment costs. Video monitoring can be carried out on any PC inside the network and no longer restricted within a security control room. TeleEye III+ Network CCTV is also an ideal solution for remote surveillance of many remote sites. Videos from up to 16 different locations can be monitored and recorded in a single PC via the Internet or PSTN.

Handles Dynamic IP Internet Connections

An expensive static IP address requirement may be your major obstacle to the Internet video monitoring applications. Supported by TeleEyes proprietary sureLINK technology, TeleEye III+ supports video transmission on the Internet connection without a static IP address.

Pan, Tilt and Zoom control

The TeleEye product is compatible with a wide range of cameras allowing pan, tilt and zoom control from within the software.

Put the video onto the Web

The TeleEye product comes with built-in web servers. Users can connect to the transmitter by using a standard web browser through the internet.

Recording duration (40GB)*

Continuous recording of four cameras at 12.5fps = 19 days
2 seconds per frame time lapse recording - four cameras = 36 days

Recording duration (80GB)*

Continuous recording of four cameras at 12.5fps = 38 days

Recording duration (160GB)*

Continuous recording of four cameras at 12.5fps = 76 days
*Recording duration based on recording from all cameras at resolution 320x240, medium picture quality, moderate amount of motion and recording settings. The actual recording duration is subject to actual camera situation.