TeleEye TeleEye III+ NF610 Network Colour Camera camera specification
TeleEye III+ NF610 Network Colour Camera 510.00 (inc VAT and FREE delivery)

The perfect solution for getting fast and high quality live video over a network.

1/3 inch colour CCD
Minimum illumination of 1 Lux
Back light compensation
Vari-focal 3-8mm auto-iris lens
TCP/IP connection
Real time video transmission up to 25/30fps on LAN
Resolution up to 640x480 pixels
Bult-in web server
Supports static and dynamic IP`s
Scalable Network Surveillance
Intelligent Event Handling
Pre- and post-alarm recording
Motion detection
Includes 12V power supply, wall mounting bracket, and 5m RJ45 cable

Fantastic For:

* Holiday Home security * Home security * Shop security * School security * Theft prevention * Office monitoring * Remote one camera monitoring *

If you want to transmit video footage from one camera in a remote location then this is the ideal cost effective solution.

Scalable Network Surveillance

A network camera can be controlled from anywhere within a network. By deploying the camera with the TeleEye Multi-site reception software an organisation can build a large CCTV network. Once PC can receive video from up to 16 network cameras so that cost in setting up separate video networks can be saved. You can benefit from simultaneous 16-camera site monitoring, event handling, motion detection, and multiple-user connection.

Intelligent Event Handling

The NF610 can detect and handle events triggered by alarm sensor, motion or system failure. Pre-defined actions including dial back, switch control, and email notification can be carried out immediately once the camera has been triggered. If desired, event images can be recorded to PCMCIA memory card or remote PC.

Handles Dynamic IP Internet Connections

Supported by TeleEyes proprietary sureLINK technology, the TeleEye NF610 Network Camera supports video transmission on the Internet connection without a static IP address.

Put the video onto the Web

The TeleEye product comes with built-in web servers. Users can connect to the transmitter by using a standard web browser through the internet.

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